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Rat Snaring

Sep 01 2005 04:12 pm | pegandgun in Trapping & Snaring

Theres two ways that i set my rat snares.Both of them work well.This is the way i use the most because its the quickest. These are the things you need.A 3foot wip(hazel),a 2 stranded snare set on a trigger and a ground peg. To set them hammer you...

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The Joy of Traps

Nov 05 2013 09:52 pm | Mr Muddy in Trapping & Snaring

If you’ve been drawn to this site through a love of guns or dogs you might find a passion for trapping a bit eccentric, or even a bit bizarre. So please allow me, if you will, a couple of hundred words to try and explain just how important traps are in the greater scheme of things. I hope I’ll convince you, and maybe even convert you.

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