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A Hard Earned First

Mar 27 2013 03:45 pm | hyperion in Shooting

First off I would like to say a massive thank you to my good friend Mr M for giving me the chance to shoot my first ever deer (and for the ham sandwhich) and also to Ben who was my guide for the day for his patience and utter determination through out the day (We ain't going back with out a deer mush).

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He's there... somewhere

Jun 07 2012 10:40 pm | Yokel Matt in Shooting

Popped out the other day before the silage had been cut to assess the deer movement at a small patch near me which can hold some surprisingly good bucks when you strike it lucky. I've found the window of opportunity is quite narrow here as you'...

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Old Woodland Buck

Apr 22 2012 09:03 pm | Yokel Matt in Shooting

I was in the highseat for 5am on Saturday at my small patch of ground down in Dorset. The priority of the weekend was rabbit netting & snaring but having said that it would be a shame not to get in the woods for a little of stalking and a dose the good stuff - crisp morning air, dawn woodland bird song and the sweet aroma of douglas fir. The gloom of dawn gradually gave way to daylight and as usual with any highseat shooting whilst scanning vigilantly stopped me getting board I got restless to get up and move about.

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Foxing - What a Beauty

Nov 23 2011 10:12 pm | Yokel Matt in Shooting

Popped out yesterday evening with FD on a bit of a last minute look out for Charlie. At a glance it was one of theose nights you'd be a bit cynical about being bright and clear with next to no wind and fog patches that you knew would be lingering i...

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How to Buy Guns Safely on the Net

Sep 27 2011 09:36 pm | secretagentmole in Shooting

How to buy safely (ie pay and still get a gun, lamp, ferret finder, handwarmer - not that sort)... Right, some of you on here will have seen the problems with the banned member marine, some of you may be put off forum buying etc, so Mole has been digg...

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How Much Does It Cost

Sep 27 2011 09:16 pm | secretagentmole in Shooting

How much does it cost to get started in Hunting? A good question don;t you think, well here at Mole HQ we have done some research and have come up with the complete hunting outfit, brand new, no scrimping... I have attached the article and a few photos...

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How to gralloch a deer for your DSC2

Jun 08 2011 12:48 pm | Caprelous in Shooting

This write up on how to do a gralloch will help would be novices who have completed their DSC1 and are in the process of starting their DSC2 portfolio. It is not meant in any way to be a definitive method and is not posted telling the more experienced...

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