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An extract from Running Dog Maintenance: muscle...

Jun 30 2011 08:28 pm | skycat in Working Dogs

I've taken the liberty of putting up an extract from the book Running Dog Maintenance: this section deals with fitness and conditioning. CONDITIONING AND EXERCISE There is to my mind nothing more beautiful to behold than a superbly fit running d...

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The Digging Isn't Easy

Aug 06 2011 09:47 am | Tsayad in Working Dogs

One of the finer things about farming, is that even in the midst of work, there is often the time and inclination for a little hunting. I can keep my pack with me on many jobs, and foxes have a habit of turning up unexpectedly. This particular occasion...

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The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers

Nov 24 2011 10:24 am | elisderyn in Working Dogs

The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers The events in this article happened before the ban was implemented.......... I hunt with terriers..........Sending a single terrier to ground to locate its quarry & stay with it until its dug to...........As...

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How I Came To Love Lurchers and Hunting

Mar 03 2012 01:24 pm | Ratter69 in Working Dogs

Eh up folks, just thought I'd introduce my self with a story on how I came to love Lurchers and hunting, hope you like it! I was born in the late 1960s into a large family that lived in an even larger town in the north west of England, my fath...

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No Bull

Dec 23 2011 01:30 am | Moll. in Working Dogs

Just a shivery little whippet. Just a little tale about drive/heart, whatever you want to call it. I aquired some new land to do pest control when Boo was still a youngster 4 seasons ago, it is a mix of manicured lawns, large flower beds, sheep field...

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Perfect Storm

May 18 2011 06:26 am | Guest in Working Dogs

We had seen three days of storm weather but due to my dad's work commitments and my exams at school we had been unable to get out. However tonight we could so it was home from school and batteries on charge. We did all our usual checks prior to...

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The Penny Drops

May 24 2011 07:42 pm | Guest in Working Dogs

Now this is not a story of my dogs but a close friends. The dog is question is called jip, he's a 3/8 5/8 bull/ grey. Now to look at jip is a spectacular animal but brain wise he just seems to lack a lot of it. The dog turned a year as the season s...

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Some Thoughts On Bulldogs

Jun 12 2011 08:22 am | Stabs in Working Dogs

I've had a few people approach me recently in relation to bull terriers and their use in the field, which has resulted in some very interesting discussions on the whole. Those of you who have ever read my articles from way back when will know that...

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Jul 14 2011 09:30 am | Stabs in Working Dogs

Driving home from the station after a hard days work, I got to thinking about my fox that I often see when Im out with the dogs just round the houses. The first time I saw this fox was on the lamp when I moved into my new house last year. I had go...

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Starting a Lurcher Pup Lamping

Dec 07 2011 04:17 am | wild rover in Working Dogs

Having read many articles in the Countrymans over the last few years regarding the subject of starting young lurchers lamping, I decided to throw in my two penneth, much advice has been given in the past but no detailed methods of preparing young dogs...

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