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Working Dogs

How I Came To Love Lurchers and Hunting

Mar 03 2012 01:24 pm | Ratter69 in Working Dogs

Eh up folks, just thought I'd introduce my self with a story on how I came to love Lurchers and hunting, hope you like it! I was born in the late 1960s into a large family that lived in an even larger town in the north west of England, my fath...

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No Bull

Dec 23 2011 01:30 am | Moll. in Working Dogs

Just a shivery little whippet. Just a little tale about drive/heart, whatever you want to call it. I aquired some new land to do pest control when Boo was still a youngster 4 seasons ago, it is a mix of manicured lawns, large flower beds, sheep field...

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Starting a Lurcher Pup Lamping

Dec 07 2011 04:17 am | wild rover in Working Dogs

Having read many articles in the Countrymans over the last few years regarding the subject of starting young lurchers lamping, I decided to throw in my two penneth, much advice has been given in the past but no detailed methods of preparing young dogs...

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The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers

Nov 24 2011 10:24 am | elisderyn in Working Dogs

The Extremes of Hunting With Terriers The events in this article happened before the ban was implemented.......... I hunt with terriers..........Sending a single terrier to ground to locate its quarry & stay with it until its dug to...........As...

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The Digging Isn't Easy

Aug 06 2011 09:47 am | Tsayad in Working Dogs

One of the finer things about farming, is that even in the midst of work, there is often the time and inclination for a little hunting. I can keep my pack with me on many jobs, and foxes have a habit of turning up unexpectedly. This particular occasion...

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Jul 14 2011 09:30 am | Stabs in Working Dogs

Driving home from the station after a hard days work, I got to thinking about my fox that I often see when Im out with the dogs just round the houses. The first time I saw this fox was on the lamp when I moved into my new house last year. I had gon...

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An extract from Running Dog Maintenance: muscle...

Jun 30 2011 08:28 pm | skycat in Working Dogs

I've taken the liberty of putting up an extract from the book Running Dog Maintenance: this section deals with fitness and conditioning. CONDITIONING AND EXERCISE There is to my mind nothing more beautiful to behold than a superbly fit running d...

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