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    It comes to us all when we keep working dogs and today was my time to say goodbye to an old friend and worker. When I made the transition from being a soldier to starting a business as a pest controller she was my main dog and without her I would never have made it. She was an honest worker who would get up out of the kennel and work seven days a week with never a grumble. She took some serious knocks in her working career and a few i genuinely thought had killed her. I've lost count of the amount of times I stitched her up out on a job and she just got up and carried on working. She worked with me all over the country and never once let me down and pulled me out of a few dodgy jobs that were probably way to much for one man to take on. Goodbye old girl .......
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    Few recent pictures of him haven't posted on here in a while
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    One of my bitches at 16months old, showing all the right signs as being a decent dog
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    Had a session on the sparrowhawk's, these are wild birds that come to dead baited perches, I had the male come in for 3 visits taking Siskin and mice and the female for a superb 7 visits taking Blue Tit and mice - what an awesome day of photography and nature.
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    Two bitches, all legs at the minute.
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    I Don't do commissions , but now and again friends post a photo of their dogs that i like so i do a drawing for them, here are a couple of terrier ones
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    well I made the age of 74 yesterday, so my mate Elijah came to visit with a birthday card and a couple of presents, grand little lad, I love him to bits
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    Young bitch for next season
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    It was a hot old day back in June 2006,...a long old trip from Hampshire, to that remote farm in rural Wales. We had come, armed with a brace of ex-racing greyhounds, no world beaters, but steady enough gals. The chosen stud was a flame red, working sheepdog,..calm and confident, a grand example of his type, just as it should be. Big difference in size and height twixt the greyhound and the collie, but we managed the job...eventually... The resulting progeny went all over the UK, but I only ever got to see one at work., and what a good honest worker she was. It is a sad fact of life,..but when hunting dogs get good,..really good,...same as with genuine hunting men,...they get old... RIP Tegan...
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    Few of the young dog pups. Just over 6 months old. Atb
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    one of my young bitches...... atb
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    Didn't catch anything but the weather was amazing
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    This was a pic from our last day of the season, hounds marked on this steep bank, early in the morning At the bottom and along by the path is a deep river, which I fell into on my way to the mark. Soaked to the bollocks. As you can see, it wasn't the day for an early morning dip. To add to my misery the whole field were standing up over the mark looking down at me as I was getting out of the river. I'll tell you it was a long drag up that bank to the mark with the shouts and whistles from all the lads. Every cloud has a silver lining and probably out of pity, I got to use my Russell bitch and got a nice dig to her. I managed to stay a few hours more before hypothermia set in, haha. A good days hunting and a few more digs, finished off a great season for us, with hounds and terriers going well.
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    Couple from the album An the old dog thebother week
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    Here is my pup 10 weeks old today. Had him 2 weeks. Looking like a Lurcher now Going to be a racy type approx 26tts, hes 15.5 at 10 weeks
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    Seems to be a few about this year Cuckoo flypast by Martin Billard, on Flickr Incoming Cuckoo by Martin Billard, on Flickr It's not April without a shower A cuckoo shower by Martin Billard, on Flickr
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    Good mate of mine young dog. Out of last litter Brian x Beagle cocker. Up on leg this dog to. Can cover some ground.
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    All pups doing grand.
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    Had old beddy whippet pts today been with me for 11 years he was over 12 year old sad day he been good dog for me ferreted lamped bushed up marked up anything to ground did a lot of work on the rock piles waiting for bolts could skip over pile to catch , RIP old teddy boy hope you find blue up what a good team you both was
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    Finished this project for one of the lads on here, this was a big polecat covered in ticks when it came in. Wrapped body carved head on the rabbit and the original skull on the polecat as it was jaw open cheers R
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    that's great picture bosun