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    this season the first av let my son come out at cover an hes took to it like a duck to water . well sunday past he got his first fox up a ditch he held the dog an slipped him an made his day few pic of him past couple of wks the fox running was his fox screen shot from video
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    We headed towards Glastonbury,...it was wet and muddy as per usual, the rain was non-stop and the wind was icy cold. No exciting bands on offer, no sex, drugs or rock, and roll, just the promise of a new life for my old pal's lurcher dog. Lost my dear friend Robin Tarrant to Cancer at Xmas,..it was emotional. I visited him in the Hospice, it was a shock to the system and one which I was not prepared for,..however, it had to be done... Foolishly, and without really thinking, I asked him, 'Is there anything that you want me to do?" The cancer was in his throat, he could not speak, so our conversation was limited. He motioned towards a notepad, and proceeded to try and write a few words,..this was difficult and painful to watch, as the Morphine kicked in, causing him to slip into unconsciousness. No matter,... I'm no academic, but I can make out the word dog,... I knew what he meant.. So glad that I saw him,..he died that night... Anyway,..what to do with Tigger ...? At the time he was ensconced in a commercial kennel,..it was eating up cash and the relatives were at a loss as to how to end this predicament,..there only seemed one way out. A decade ago,.. I would have sorted the situation in double quick time, but age has wearied me of killing, plus, I had made a promise... Hence the journey to Somerset... We do not have a victory yet, but the wheels are now in motion,..he will only go to a home that is a forever home,.no dizzy life on the lurcher merry go round, for Tigger... Admittedly, still early days, and a few more weeks of trauma for the poor confused critter, but I am hopeful...
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    An eventful week for the lads this week at #Invermark... Patterdale Terrier, Charlie, disappeared down a hole at work, during fox control and luckily had his tracking collar on so was easy to locate. 7 #Gamekeepers over 3 days, a total of 72 hours and under 12.5ft of solid rock reunited Charlie with his owner this afternoon at 4pm. A massive thank you to R K Services in Montrose for kindly loaning a rock breaker to help with the epic rescue mission, that was almost called to an end this morning. The breaker got them through the final 3ft of rock, where the lads thought they had come to the end, however after breaking through the last piece they could see Charlie was alive. Charlie is doing remarkably well and is delighted to be home and enjoyed his owners Bel's Steak Pie for his tea! Well deserved we think! Well done #TeamInvermark
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    He’s at home now safe and sound! me and a few good lads off here made are way up the fell first thing this morning, after many miles of searching, we were making are way to check a section of woodland when one of the lads took a quad back down to my house. My missus was there ready to leave, someone had called to say they had him at the local pet shop, so off she went, 20 mins later he’s back home curled up in the sofa where he belongs. He was found 5 or 6 miles away from where I last saw him. Other than a little scratch on his toe and putting in a cold night he’s fine 👍
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    Couple of nice fish out the Tay this week
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    A dog i lost to ground last year was really turning into a fine worker
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    My mate foresterj took day off an offered me a day out ferreting just bolting to the dog both dogs worked well together as normal we got some great runs an some decent pictures to share.
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    This might be a little bit off topic 😁😳but I taught I might share with you a pic of a little dog i look forward to lifting a bit of soil to next season
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    Hi everyone new to this forum got bk from good day today tried new pup done well pleased 😁 first dig of season in snow would like see some snowy digs off u guys
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    First for the young bitch this morning, first thing she has ever seen. she hasn’t even run a rabbit in her life yet so this was her first kill of any kind. seeing as that’s what I got her for I’m happy enough with that.
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    Young bitches, half sisters, out and about today.
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    Got a day for the big dog planned this week so been bushing the last couple off days with the 2 rogues. Took to some waste land after the school run. Nice little bit off hail stones to remind me why I enjoy being out so much🙈. We chased a couple off bunnies then onto some thick brambles, put a fox out and after a wee chase it made its way away pushed on alitttle An they where on off again this time from what I could see they pushed a roe but vetted off that onto another fox they had a good old chase at this took the fox alittle bit to shake off the busher she’s fast for her size. I moved on moving the odd rabbit around the busher was chasing one as the old dog dropped in an old drain littered with rabbit droppings . He will ferret and Mark but has never entered to a rabbit even as a pup. After some moving around I heard a few yaps An then he was on, I only had a small spade today in the odd even this would happen but 2.5 hrs later only to hit one feck off Boulder was not on the cards!!! He moved on the box alittle An was trying to pull managed to free them An the fox took off only for a rogue busher to catch it in cover🙈, eventually I got to let the fox make its escape this time off year I won’t chap any unless really needed
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    Lonely lamper seeks like minded soul mate for intimate romantic walks by the moonlight, no messers or keyboard hunters need apply as I’m mad keen🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😁
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    A good little do today got to the land at 10.30 worked a few hedges no nets no digs, took the engines out of the rabbits, run a big rabbit, back to the car by 1, a hour drive home, fed the dogs and ferrets, had a bath, had me dinner and made a vid and put it on youtube before 6, like I said a good little do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiXYeq6NzgE
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    bitch pup 5 months old👌
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    had a good day working the reed beds never bothered with the ferrets just let the dogs work ended up with 22
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    wee mans first fox
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    You've answered all your own questions, do whateveryou think best. The old dog would be my first choice, if you've only got one crack of the whip then I'd be using the young dog because unless the old dog is used at stud regularly he might not be fertile. If times on your side have him tested, that way you can be as certain as you can be that he'll produce the goods. If you've only got one chance and can't test the dog than I'd be using the young dog because his fertility should be better. As for breeding out of an untried bitch, who cares, as long as it's from a family of producer's then the odds are 100% in your favour. No one knows the outcome, I've used the best to the best and still bred shit. I've had a litter bred one way and produced shit, only for the same mating to happen again and all of the litter flew ! It's a duck shoot, all you can do is stack the odds in your favour. .........don'tlisten to anyone else but your own instincts
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    A young bitch that gives me the most joy not because i bred her but because she belongs to my son and fairley getting a few
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    Yes it’s only 1 but it was a memerable catch ,for the most part retired dog , it was like going back in time when 180 deg flips landing backwards in the hedge were standard for the old lad , still can’t believe he caught it 👍 a heart in the mouth landing but he stood up and was one happy lad , and me I was made up for him
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    Debutant season turning out to be a cracker, groundhog, possum, armadillo, raccoon so far.
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    This is her first full season, very happy with her.
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    had great walk last night at 9 .30pm norm i feed the dogs about then, but nothing on the telly, so though i have nice walk with dogs. not to cold as was moving quite quick, dog s were out in front of me, old Bryn had run on a rabbit , but he lost his pace now well he 11 in sep , but he enjoyed the run, Buck pissed off big time , i know why now he seen a charlie 3/4 of the way down the field , bloody hell he got down there quick, he can shift for a big lump charlie made the wood , but it was great run .. making my way back 10 . 45 pm i heard screech of car brakes , though maybe cat or charlie been bumped, carried on walking got to my last field , then on to the road walked 50 yds found this on the road, still warm, thought nice bit of meat for my freezer , and not bad size either .
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    Picked this dog up last Friday from a friend bolted one before now only 18 months old got the full picture before accepting , I was leaving Sunday for a week away digging with a friend come Monday afternoon I dug him 0.9 this photos from Saturday bit nevy Young dog 3 keepers standing around us and did the job 4 hour drive home was a good one !
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    Went out lastnite with 3quarter collie greyhound wind was up but no cloud the bitch was on form never missed a rabbit
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    2young guns. Flying on all quarry. Open up like foxhounds.
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    Cant be arsed to trawl the thread to see if i posted in it but wuthout the hard ,rough type we would have no future workers to work .
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    End of day pic form Sunday on the pheasant pens in Northumberland Pick up around 430 must done nearly 500. PUD
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    It was on one of greymans trial Cam's.
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    first season bitch goin well so far
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    Bet im one of the oldest farts on here, and still having the time of my life out in the fields with my mate, what a character, cant imagine life without a working dog at my side, and should a litter of pups turn up sometime in the near future, im still in good health, who knows, ive been in the mood fer bringing on a pup for some while now
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    Out today with the dogs and ferrets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aZy5VARpy0
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    And why on earth should or would he give out PEDs to earn more coin for the peddlers.there is enough false PEDs been thrown about without at creating more for then.its a sad world when men have to use another mans name under false pretence just to makes few Bob and these same men if speaking to them would say he was there friend.arseholes the lot of them
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    Line bred Collie greyhound x whippet greyhound there is a small drop of deerhound in there way back was handy around the warrens an on the lamp