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    Well, everyone can say what they like.....I communicated with the man a few times via PM and he always came across as a respectful, stand up bloke. Ill say this, he is a million in front of some of the petty little childish pricks that have graced this forum over the years. I also beleive he was generous to total strangers off this forum without ever asking for a thing in return.
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    Got a invite with a couple of mates to the moors cottage thrown in had a great time
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    Being a busy few days. me and a mate went out friday and had two digs and a bolt. first place we dug my hairy dog in a big rangy place that can run up to 10ft we ended up digging him at just over 6ft and he never put a foot wrong. second place we tried was with my first season dog. this place was a big step up from any place he was ever in before rangy but only runs to around 4/5 ft. let him of the lead and he skips past one or 2 holes and in. got a mark of 3.8ft dug down to him and he wedged in tight with 2 infront of him. then on to the next place another big rangy place but only shallow. dropped his sister in and she found straight away pushed it about for a bit and kept pushing out into the field closer to a hole and it ended up bolting and away real happy how these 2 young ones are turning out. then saturday after work i went up to a mate we tried 3 or 4 places with no luck. the last place we tried his old dog marked it so we dropped a yound dog he has that has 2 digs to his name. it took him 15 minutes to find but quickly settled in one place once he found a quick 2.8ft and we were down to him well in control. then sunday was our first day out with the hounds on horse back. after a slow start they got going and we ended up with a mark at the end of the day. dug a russell dog in it. he realy had to work hard to get to it he was squeezing on from the mouth. ended up digging him at 2.4ft well in control of a tiny vixen.
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    Had my godson Matt over for the weekend, he was hell bent on a bit of hunting... not wanting to be a let down, me and fin had him lamping last night. The dogs ran well not much out but Fergie had 3 runs and 3 rabbits, Martha had a couple of runs for 1.. Matt was slipping Martha and Fin lamped a couple.. great stuff from the kids. up 7 this morning for a mornings ferreting, picked up a nice bit of new permission, the woman farmer is great and joined us for a couple of hours and was really hands on.. she kept lurchers for years and is a proper country woman, I've had a couple of cups of coffee in the farm house now and she's mad (in a great way!).. any way the boys were all over it today, we put a few stop nets out and a couple of purse nets in the runs on top of the hedge.. the dogs dinevthe rest, we finished on a dozen, the dogs had 5 bolters and worked well to keep the rabbits moving.. the boys loved it.. got home at 2 and skinned the rabbits, then had an hour in the woods until dark with the air rifle for pigeons... saw a fair few, but they saw us first... weve got a new hunter amongst us, Matt wants ferrets and a pup off Fergie, I've cleared it with his old man so he's now part of the gang lol
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    feel for you darren, ive got 3 border dog pups that need working homes to go to. you can gladly have one if want, they will be 6wks this weekend all the best dave mac.
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    Young bitch with it all ahead of her...
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    Bull crosseses especially 1/2 crosses I've found are usually pretty clever it just a shame that 90% of them are more intelligent than the numb c**ts that own them so never really get the chance to show themselves.
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    Father bottom pic and son on top!!
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    Bought some gear off Wilf cause image is everything
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    Following on from another thread and regardless of how the dog met it's end (rip poppy) i just thought id put down a few things ive noticed over the years in the sand we have here, bright yellow to orange through to dark brown. The first and most important rule of all is to dig the hole as wide if not wider as it's deep ,forget straight sides in sand and keep the top back from where your working .I'd rather a come shape in sand any day as long is the bottom is wide enough to work in . We never stand over the dog to dig when nearing the mark ,dig from either side where possible . Never jump into a dig from the side when it's your turn no matter the depth your at . Always go in behind the dog ,fill the tube then clear over the dog . Keep spoil as far back as possible Never chop at deep tree roots ,always cut with a saw or wire . Please add as it may save a dogs life one day .
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    This was a nice project to work on for one of the lads on here, he was looking for a mink diving for a small fish which I hope I captured ok. Wrapped body and a carved head, the fish is a little replica cheers R
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    Found these old photos of Bill, Doug and Stan when we were at Bill's place, he is holding a dog that he gave me. The photos of the terriers are non-descript northern working terriers photos taken around 1979, the black small lurcher is one of the best lamping dogs I ever had and tough as old boots.
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    Some pic of one of the oldest badger's hunting team, founded in 1934.
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    This is the first time has caught a bird ... she wasn't quite sure to start with but right in the end ......
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    Some pictures of my youngster,,
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    Heard people have been getting more creative with pheasants and as I had a few brace in the chiller wanted to have a go at sausages. I had half a bag of complete mix left over from some venison ones I’d done a week or so back (chilli and coriander) so thought what the heck... 2 kg pheasant breasts 1 kg 70/30 VL pork belly Bunch of fresh coriander. Handful of soft apricots 650 grams of complete sausage mix 750mil cold water Natural hog casings. I chopped the apricots into quarters and put them through the mincer along with the meat. I added the chopped coriander to the mince along with a little of the water so that I could give it a good mix. Then added the sausage mix & water, another good mix and into the stuffer, run them through and link. Left overnight in the chiller they should plump up nicely.... the. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
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    Out this morning with a battle plan in mind, to climb out high onto the tops and push any rabbits down into the heather beds below, I drew the short straw,so off I went up and up and up again, this was taken half way up, on my way there were rabbits running all over this lime stone scree bed, they know there safe here, after a lung busting, leg burning, trip I reached the top to be met by rabbits cascading down the fell side right into the deep heather beds below, so far so good. I slowly started to make my way down and soon had the both baskets of longnets ran out round the heather, Nell caught the first 2 before they had chance to reach the nets, another 4 followed making a quick half dozen, we moved round slightly in amongst the rocks, a few more bolts Nell catching an odd one and afew digs, nothing too deep just stoney going down, twice I dug down to find a brace tucked up tight in stop ends, these kits are really coming on now, and I was more than impressed with the lurcher today on ground she stood very little chance of catching on she ended the day with 7, we finished up on 34, it wasn't pretty but we got a result. til next time cheers, Neil b
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    I knew a simple soldier boyWho grinned at life in empty joy,Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,And whistled early with the lark.In winter trenches, cowed and glum,With crumps and lice and lack of rum,He put a bullet through his brain.No one spoke of him again.You smug-faced crowds with kindling eyeWho cheer when soldier lads march by,Sneak home and pray you'll never knowThe hell where youth and laughter go. Siegfried Sassoon
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    Stuffed pepper mania , sausage bacon bubble frenzy chillie garlic and plenty of other tasty treats loaded up
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    Put the 100 to work today after giving her a zero check. She is on a perfect zero at 38 yards. I went back to one of my favourite natural hides, - range, 38 yards. Here`s the view I have before the camo netting is raised up. Here`s an adjoining tree. Kaiser retrieving to hand Come on lad ! Well done ! Poser ! A nice testing session lads. When Kaiser has been in a hide, he hasn`t worked much, so again tonight on landing home I take him straight out for an hour on a nearby marsh to let him work on pointing the snipe. Here he is going on point, late afternoon today, on the marshes as it`s going dark. He is fast becoming a hell of a gun dog, I`m well pleased with his progress. atb Mark.
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    As some of you'd know I had to get my lurcher pts which left me with no runner,but thanks to delboy187 off here sourced and grifted me this pup she's lurcher x lurcher,there's sal whip grey and Wheaton in the mix I'm over the moon with her,thanks very much delboy. Pic isn't the best I'll get a better one when I can.
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    Cracking stuff been looking at these posts for years as my kids are roughly same age, that’s what they need mate, an I bet ye can see difference between your kids an kids there age, mine are streets ahead due to the life we let em live, keep em at it my lad was out Lamping last night an out bushing this morning an we just back from ratting for couple hours, deffo beats tele
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    Well, up until a couple of years ago I would have been with all the nay Sayers, they didn't exist in the wild in the uk unless it happened to be an escaped one from public/private collection and even then it was for weeks rather than years, and most certainly not breeding in the wild, in fact, I still have my doubts about it happening or been true. But, I was heading home fairly early evening a couple of winters ago, about 6-30 ish, think it was in October but can't be sure, and I saw something, I didn't see it for seconds or minutes, just merely a glimpse, from the verge something jumped a small roadside ditch and went through a sparse hedgerow into fields beyond. Now I'm not a crackpot, I've lived country all my life, I am pretty good, well actually very good at seeing things and what goes on around me, I just spot stuff others walk past, that's fact. what I saw that evening made me stop in my tracks, I've never seen anything like it in the wild before or since, it wasn't a deer 100%, wasn't a badger or fox 100%, it didn't look or move like any dog I've ever come across, it was too long in the body for a dog, the general size/height proportions were just all wrong, (unless it was some mental massive sausage dog) it did have a long tail, and I swear by god it moved just like a cat would, I didn't get a good clear look at it, I wish to feck I had, I saw it on my peripheral vision and it made me look, at which I saw the back end of 'something' disappearing, but I know what little I did see was like nowt I can pin down to been a native wild uk animal, I don't go round bleating about what I know I saw, because I cannot be certain, I have no proof of it happening, and folk just think your mad, like I always thought for many years when I have heard the stories, but by feck I saw something I cannot explain, I struggle even now to say it was a big cat as it sounds so bloody ridiculous, but it sure as feck moved the same way as an ordinary cat, only the size of a big dog. I know the dark can and does play tricks with the mind, or rather the mind plays tricks on yourself in the dark, but I've spent most of my life out in the dark in fields and woods, and I've thought I heard things etc etc, 5 seconds later I dismiss it, but this was no imaginary thing, no trick of my mind, I was wide awake driving with main beam lights on, and I cannot erase what I saw from my mind, wish to god I had something more concrete as I'm pretty sure I know what I saw that night, but as always, without concrete eveidence, I refuse to believe it myself. so no longer do I dismiss them all as mad or crackpots, although I believe most of them probably are, I also think most of them wouldn't know the difference between a badger and a goat, so lots of mistaken identity must happen, but I have this nagging doubt in my mind, maybe, just maybe.............. To answer the original question, I think most of the sightseers need to be put on a crash country course so they can actually recognise most of what is living in the wild for a start ! That would cut 50% of the sightings down at least
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    Another of the Godcrest shot I got they are tricky little birds but worth the effort to wait for. Goldcrest by Martin Billard, on Flickr
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    Took the girls up the Dales with the dog and ferret.
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    bonus sparrowhawk shot, while waiting for the short eared owls to turn up.
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    As it should be .......
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    Eye ' Least We Forget. Iv a Great Grandfather lay somewhere around Gully Ravine ' Gallipoli . Walked from Wingate to Newcastle at 41 years old to volenteer with two young lads of 18 and 19 from a neighbouring village of Wheatley Hill for the DLI. When they got there they were told they had enough men that month and to come back. They were that keen they walked back the 20-25 miles or so to another Neighbouring village of Deaf Hill where they heard the Royal Dublin Fusileers were recruiting. They enlisted and were sent to Torquey where they set sail for the Dardanelles on the Clyde. When they got there it was Saving Private Ryan stuff to make the beach off the ship. This was early April . My GG lasted till June 29th 1915 where he was killed at Gully Ravine in some of the fiercest fighting of Gallipoli. It was hand to hand fixed Bayonets The Dublin Fusileer's were decimated as were the Royal Munsters. So much so they had to amalgamate as the Dubsters. Out of 3011 brave men I think 11 Survived and I think it was 8-12k Turks they took with them so they obviously fought like Lions. One of the young men who walked to Newcastle and back to enlist with my GG had just been married. He was also lost' his young wife never re married and lived all her life in Wheatley Hill dying a old woman in the 1990's My GG left a wife and very young kids. His brother'my Great Uncle was killed at Flanders I believe. We had many others from both sides of the family serve in the Second World War . And more recent a lad from our village fought as a 18 year old Marine in the Falklands. Probably the last conflict where war fare was strait ' men against men and not the cowardly type of war fare we used to in modern times. A real nice unassuming bloke he is too. Im Proud and Greatfull to them all and every soldier that's served. RIP to all the Fallen. God Bless them all.
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    I know but she didn't have her gun with her so she had to catch it instead.
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    my own fella dos it regularly.handy tool to have
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    Smallest uk bird the Goldcrest Goldcrest by Martin Billard, on Flickr Largest in golden light Swan evening light by Martin Billard, on Flickr I don't like this new site much where has the preview gone
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    Remember when porn was something damp & fragmented & found in a hedge?
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    One we have in our small pack. Goes like a train. Sounds like a foxhound when on.
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    Gnash is a decent fella who will be a bit bewildered about the amount of strangers on the t.interweb who seem pre occupied about him and his whereabouts
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    Running a genuine 1st x bull grey myself 5 now best dog iv ever had
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    Twat, free to good working homes it’s the only way.
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    Haven’t ventured more than a couple miles from home yet but been getting my 9 year old out with his young hob these past few weeks.. it’s not been easy finding, all the usual spots are dead ...and combined with a young inexperienced ferret we’ve not had much success which has been a little disheartening for my lad but it hasn’t put him off or dampened his enthusiasm any.. we’d had an unsuccessful dig last Saturday and missed a couple of bolters due to cover so we was hoping for a change in luck today. We had 3 young hobs out today and after dogs had gave a positive mark we entered a couple..quite a big warren with 20 + holes not ideal for young ens but beggars can’t be choosers and dogs were marking strongly. Quickly had a bolt from an unseen hole..just missed by the old terrier but we soon had a mark of 2 ft and after a steady 10 mins we broke through to my lads young albino hob ( ghost) and a couple of bunnies. .. young lad was over the moon, he carried his catch and using his new poachers ferret box kindly gifted to him by northernlite off here he was proud as punch heading back to the motor. Rugby season is over now so we can start venturing further afield for a few ferreting trips.. need to get knocking now and get him some decent permissions so we can have more days like today..
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    Go for it, whenever you catch an edible., get that curry pot going,...you know it makes sense...
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    First pictur is my son watching cover sunday.real bad day.only met one fox all day.waterford hounds were out the day before.always next week. Went out tonight and got this fine dog fox.good kill for steve.his first fox after his injury.back fit again hopefully season kicks off again for the dog
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    Few hours up the fields this morning at the make shift hide. No real specific targets but missed far to many birds at 40 yards... No idea why. Aim points are on. Walked back through a few wooded areas and dropped a few greys. Hopefully Ill get in the paper Could of had a rabbit, but missed him too. Damn it. Weather was good, bright sun, kinda windy, but not to icey. [Off subject but this new image uploader for THL is so uber decent.]
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    Couple hours get the legs used to the Rough walking before the big walks begin
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    Luck I've had the last few months, I've packed the black dogs in. Been gifted this little one.... Going back to my roots 🤣 he's white and he's a dog. Atb
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    Females usually darker, and if it was viewed from the front, you would see more spots on the female...plus with this one, I know the pair, the male is ringed, and the female isnt.. This one is the female of this pair..
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    Going away from the original post a little. But I always find the lads that try to buy the finished product are the ones that can't bring a dog on and get it to a good standard. Forever looking to buy the 'real deal' without actually being able to achieve it themselves. It baffles me.
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    I'm in my twenty first year as a primary school teacher. Each year gets harder as the expectations are constantly changed and the work load becomes increasingly ridiculous. It's only down to the support of other staff, positive kids and the amazing feedback I get from some of my parents that I put up with it. I could tell you that we don't actually get all that holiday to lay on a beach and that we don't actually only work from 9 until 3:30...but I'm afraid some people are beyond recognizing the benefits of a great education and can only complain and blame everything on everybody else. As for them "only being a class of eight year olds" I've known four year olds to hit pregnant staff in the stomach thanks to well meaning parents telling them that they don't have to pay attention to us and can do what they like. I'll keep doing it...for the kids and parents who appreciate me and what I do.
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    Served with the usual Suffolk suspects