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    Well, everyone can say what they like.....I communicated with the man a few times via PM and he always came across as a respectful, stand up bloke. Ill say this, he is a million in front of some of the petty little childish pricks that have graced this forum over the years. I also beleive he was generous to total strangers off this forum without ever asking for a thing in return.
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    About two years ago I was working on a property in the central tablelands NSW when the bosses wife called me to rescue a baby fox down a mine shaft.These people would have to be the kindest farmers in Australia.The cub was almost dead on a ledge about 20ft straight down with another 30ft drop after that.I tied a rope around my waist and went in on a ladder.It looked about three weeks old .The missus got it back to health feeding it chicken mince,rabbit an its favourite dead birds.It would follow her around the paddock even collecting the eggs amongst the chickens and sleep in an old ferret cage.It went from a spitting monster to a very friendly animal who would lick your face.We had it about three month and one day on its daily walk just walked away.It was the best thing as its illegal to release these ferals here.It returned about twelve months later sitting in the paddock with the chickens,who seemed to remember it.It was two months old in the pic.It gave me an understanding and respect of the animals we hunt.
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    I had a dog many years ago who was predominately collie , the rest whippet greyhound I took that old dog everywhere, as in everywhere, he would wait on me at school and we’d go out, if I was playing football he’d sit at the side and wait , weirdly I never saw him asleep, ever, if you were awake he was! that little collie dog doddled up Lake District hills , swam rivers, ran miles daily, went beating with me for pheasants and foxes , Work the lamp Like a hoover , find rabbits were they didn’t know they were themselves and would do anything I commanded instantly, he cost me 5 pounds and was only ever at the vets for his jags and two stitching sessions , one on his leg and one on sliced toes. He was the very epitome of robust! he died at the age of 13 when I was at the other end of the country , in his sleep, my mam knew he was dead when he wasn’t stood in the kitchen on a Saturday morning when she got up He was my first running dog and although other better faster stronger dogs came and went , none have had the connection I had with Kade. Hopefully when my boys bigger, a collie lurcher will show him the way in this hunting game
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    after loosing my border dog 3yrs ago ive had to more or less start again, i have 2 borders out of the same litter, i was going to put my old dog over the bitch but it all went pear shaped, i went out and used a dog that has seen one years hunt work , his father had seen six years hunt work, my bitch has only bolted afew, so to get to the point, we are looking to rehome 3 border dog pups, they have been jagged wormed ect, so if anyone wants to try a border dog please get in touch, all were asking for is a permanent working home, not to be sold on or passed around. the dog we have started working end of last season, these pups will be good all rounders if interested let us know, not into borders for money just the work and there company.
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    My dog and favourite jill had arranged a couple of hour's work today and asked me along to carry the spade and box.
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    Good wind last night had me on my toes so morning arose and I was out with the old boy. Going to all the known spots was a fail so turned him loose to run aside the truck just coming to a small dyke I seen a little spoil no more than a small bucket full and the old dog was senting in the long grass but couldn't work out which way it had gone so called him up and turned on his collar and walked him 15 20 ft to the hole on looking I said to myself rabbit but the dog said otherwise. 30 seconds in bump a vixen bolted and was despatched. With being only a one holer I waited for him to rise only to feel the ground below rumble I waited for him to settle and a short wait I had 0.6 on the box. It felt like I was ferreting it was that shallow. Breaking through he was there Baying like a trooper to a good size dog fox. Not a testing morning my any shape or form but a good morning all the less.
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    My mate was gifted a young dog a few weeks back by a friend of mine,14months old,nice strong dog,i know the breeding of it so it had the right stuff in it but wont mention that on here.We were out on sunday morn and the lurcher Snowy marked an easy place so i told Paddy to collar up the young dog.We entered him and he travelled on a few metres and then found and we dug him with a small vixon,ideal start for this youngster.We also had a dog returned to us by the General that i had gave him as a pup but through circumstances at the moment he had to rehome the dog and to his word the dog ame back to us.My mate collected the dog on a friday eve and we took it out on the sunday morn,this dog is also around the 14 month mark.We tried a few handy places with him but nothing home and then we put him in a biggish place ,not deep but can be rangey and he flew to ground.The young dog was working its quarry mid-tube a couple of times so to dig to him was a waste as it just kept moving soon as we got down close to it,and it eventually bolted after over an hour but the dog was still to ground.We left him a short while thinking he was still looking for it but then we could tell that he was on again on a 2nd and eventually after another hour he pushed this one to a stop where we dug to him,the young dog had worked really well and its a credit to the Geneal the condition the dog was in,Fit,healthy and coat shinning,once again credit to the man for sticking to his word and giving the dog back down to us,like it should be.I rang him that sunday eve and he was delighted that the dog had worked saying he knew he would and i told him in time when things are sorted there will always be a pup there for him if we have them,a true honest gentleman.
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    So I called into Tesco this afternoon to grab some cider ... and parked there was the fella that's travelling Britain in a mobility scooter to raise money for help for heros, saga and lifeboats ... he has got a little trailer thing that hooks on the back that he lives out of ... anyway he looked cold and miserable so when I got home the missus plated him up a pork Sunday roast and we took it down to him and had a bit of a natter with him ... he has raised £79,000 so far ...... here is the link if any of you good lads want to donate ..... http://www.aroundbritain.org.uk/
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    Harsh mate, very harsh.......some little lads just have not got it in them, kids are all born innocent. The most hurtful thing is seeing a kid with no nastiness in them having to become something they are not to deal with some other kid who’s parents have turned them into a horrible little c**t. My little lad went through something a little while back, now my boy has boxed and competed at Ju Jitsu And is in pretty good physical shape due to his football etc and would break most kids in half if he took a mind to. He is a strong lad, but he is a loving and gentle lad and don’t like anything “nasty”......I love that about him. Now, I was raised and brought up in different circumstances in a different time and place and I can tell you this, after exploring all the other avenues, it broke me to have to hammer Home the point that he had to really hurt the dude that was giving him hassle......I watched a little bit of his innocence disappear in front of my eyes. You have to make these people never want to cross your path again and hurt them really, really bad........bullies boil my blood and they seem to have a common trait of being so f***ing thick that they don’t realise they are going to get badly hurt. I remember my old man taking my out as a 9 year old and looking for a group of lads from the local secondary school who were giving me agro every night and we found them, he made me get out the car with a bit of wood and let them have it and have it they did.......I don’t want my boy to have to do any of that. but, as my old dad used to say, some people only understand one language. However, I’d never knock a little kid for not wanting to hurt another......why should they and why would they want to. That little boy in the video looks like a lovely lad, I hope nobody robs the poor little sod of that.
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    Bull crosseses especially 1/2 crosses I've found are usually pretty clever it just a shame that 90% of them are more intelligent than the numb c**ts that own them so never really get the chance to show themselves.
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    Had my godson Matt over for the weekend, he was hell bent on a bit of hunting... not wanting to be a let down, me and fin had him lamping last night. The dogs ran well not much out but Fergie had 3 runs and 3 rabbits, Martha had a couple of runs for 1.. Matt was slipping Martha and Fin lamped a couple.. great stuff from the kids. up 7 this morning for a mornings ferreting, picked up a nice bit of new permission, the woman farmer is great and joined us for a couple of hours and was really hands on.. she kept lurchers for years and is a proper country woman, I've had a couple of cups of coffee in the farm house now and she's mad (in a great way!).. any way the boys were all over it today, we put a few stop nets out and a couple of purse nets in the runs on top of the hedge.. the dogs dinevthe rest, we finished on a dozen, the dogs had 5 bolters and worked well to keep the rabbits moving.. the boys loved it.. got home at 2 and skinned the rabbits, then had an hour in the woods until dark with the air rifle for pigeons... saw a fair few, but they saw us first... weve got a new hunter amongst us, Matt wants ferrets and a pup off Fergie, I've cleared it with his old man so he's now part of the gang lol
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    I met this family of wild boars resting in the forest on my first photo safari. Hope you like them!
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    I like them to enter earth work at about 12-14 month old, I started one off this season at nine months. Not my usual habits but she wanted it and everything was in her favour, that and she's got nothing but idiot hard dogs behind her. I personally think people expect to much, to quickly, there's a massive difference between starting and working. What I mean by that is just because you've dug a fox out of an extended rabbit hole once don't expect the same terrier to find in a massive disused badger sett. It's all about hours in the classroom and reading your terrier, you've got to know if it's mature enough for the job you're asking and wether it's got the experience to see it through. You only get experience on the job but there's been a expectancy for the vast majority of lads that once they've been dug to once or twice that they should accomplish anything that you throw at them come what may..................or it's PTS
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    I did this just last year with Krawnden off this site ... at first the conversation was always about him getting better and what treatment he was having etc and I just followed suite ... but as time went on and he started fading when I visited him he would ask if I can sort the ferrets his guns take his youngster out Ferreting etc and of course you do because that's what mates do .... what I learned from that was to let them lead the conversation and just keep it as light hearted as possible .......
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    Little boy wanted a cake with a carp on it lol mother in law made one not to bad i reckon , dont mind peterhunter tryna get into the pic he always needs to be centre of attention
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    no thought not.. but.. why is it when it affects some people, that friends etc for some unknown reason can't bring them selves to visit ..i know that were all differant..and how the fxck do you send em a merry christmas card..was visiting an old work mate couple of days back whose terminal.and just before i left, told him i'll be back in new year if he wanted to speak again ..they both spoke up saying yes of course, then his wife said..no one ever come's .how sad is that..this is not a one off, seen it with a couple of other people who's suffering from this fxcking disease..so,,if you know an old mate or other, get round and see em. no good roaring after..oh,,and i can assure you it ain't catching.. thanks..
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    few art pics my wife painted , from a photo , but not to bad i think , like the deer ones
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    cheers lad hes been out past 4 weaks bone infection in his jaw so started him back there killed a few from the last time av posted but not as much as id like due to him being hurt . pups doing well tgats a pic of him from yesterday
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    One we have in our small pack. Goes like a train. Sounds like a foxhound when on.
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    Some Stafford Bull Terriers I had in the 1970, "Spring", "Ben" and "Butch"
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    Couple pups I kept out my dog atb At
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    Can't he let himself out?...............
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    Stop digging a hole,none of your statements are true.about Wheatons or trials.
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    Out on ale last night which is rare these days for me , was meant to be taking my lad jack out to ferret a bank a couple miles from me but was rough so sacked that idea.. by midday the boredom had set in so decided to have a quick hour out with our new Jill that we’d got off a lad on here and my lurcher gwen .. I’d checked this place earlier in the week and dogs were marking up so netted what we could and left Gwen loose .. couple minutes later we had our first rabbit caught by lurcher.. then a massive rat flew out that didn’t make a yard from hole and a few minutes later another that back netted itself.. job done an hour out of the house better than sat on sofa all day .. One happy lad
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    Just over 5 month old I kept back out my old bitch .
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    Well this is the last time I had all the pups out together, some have gone on to start their rabbit catching careers with their new owners. I have mixed emotions about letting them go but the time has come.
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    I will give you one thing bill you are consistent ... every time you write a post it's consistently a bag of bollox ... the youngster I have is getting plenty of work quite obviously as she is my main worker at the moment and so far hasn't put a foot wrong and is putting plenty of gear away ... if she has a fault it is that she is to keen and is a 100 miles an hour at everything she does ..... as for working dogs that work day in day out you don't need to tell me how much it takes out of them I live it everyday however I know my dogs you don't and if this bitch can be healed she wil work on for many years to come yet and if she can't then the inevitable will happen but when it happens I know I did everything for a dog that has paid my mortgage and fed my family for years and not just gave up on her at the first hurdle ... see bill that's the difference between me and you for all your posturing and big man talk you would fold at the first sign of trouble and put the dog down without trying I am different and I will keep on trying until there is no other option ... it goes to show how morraly weak and spineless you are ... when the going gets tough the true caliber of a man comes to the top and you are woefully lacking ... you keep coming on here slagging everybody off and telling them how great you and your dogs are and I will carry on actually walking the walk and making a living from my dogs and looking after them the best I can ......
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    bbq,d these bad boys today went down well with mustard
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    Here you are mick,sheps on the right I think,the one on the left is S.T's deerhound cross red?
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    perigrine falcon d300...east Sussex coast
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    Out today got one with lurchers.young lads wanted a pic so they jumped in instead of the owner.ran a fox aground after, terrier in and fox bolted.ran two foxes in to a big place later on dug one and one bolted.good day out
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    First dig to my pup yesterday 2 in a stop well chuffed
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    Cheers Fatman, wish yous all the best with him hopefully he turns into a good worker for yous, he's forward enough and built for the job. We had his full brother out with us today. He hasn't seen as much as the other dog but he showed a lot of interest and he got to run a few handy places though there was nothing home. Ended up at a place into dark, runaround for a brave while and when we ran out of light a while later it bolted, its there for another day. Took this pic just so you can see how he's shaping up. Thanks again. Atb
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    And socks at last years fishing comp
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    Found these old photos of Bill, Doug and Stan when we were at Bill's place, he is holding a dog that he gave me. The photos of the terriers are non-descript northern working terriers photos taken around 1979, the black small lurcher is one of the best lamping dogs I ever had and tough as old boots.
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    Out this morning with a battle plan in mind, to climb out high onto the tops and push any rabbits down into the heather beds below, I drew the short straw,so off I went up and up and up again, this was taken half way up, on my way there were rabbits running all over this lime stone scree bed, they know there safe here, after a lung busting, leg burning, trip I reached the top to be met by rabbits cascading down the fell side right into the deep heather beds below, so far so good. I slowly started to make my way down and soon had the both baskets of longnets ran out round the heather, Nell caught the first 2 before they had chance to reach the nets, another 4 followed making a quick half dozen, we moved round slightly in amongst the rocks, a few more bolts Nell catching an odd one and afew digs, nothing too deep just stoney going down, twice I dug down to find a brace tucked up tight in stop ends, these kits are really coming on now, and I was more than impressed with the lurcher today on ground she stood very little chance of catching on she ended the day with 7, we finished up on 34, it wasn't pretty but we got a result. til next time cheers, Neil b