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  2. He wasn’t kiddinxx
  3. ArchieHood


    Plenty about, did a farm job the other week and counted 23.Said I could trap them but no shooting.........
  4. nothernlite

    Chris packham

    You are really a sad person no wonder your mate blocked you
  5. fred90

    end meshes

    recently bought a traditional from nelson.good quality net great price & cracking set of endpins.on this net there is a spliced loop through all the end meshes & pin.the lines are through the pin as normal leaving them free running.got be far better than tying last mesh to running lines something i have never done.
  6. If it is a HW99 then it will put the rest of your spring guns to shame
  7. ginger beard

    Chris packham

    It gets f***ing worse.now your lying about how often you meet a man half your age.sinister very,very sinister indeed.
  8. bob.243

    Few pics

    Love it round there, my old man worked in the smelter, many many moons ago when I was a kid.
  9. Kay

    Champions league final

    3 2 to Liverpool salah score twice & Bobby score 1 I reccon .
  10. bob.243


    A few here, hate the feckers.
  11. Nah, it's a '99 With a flake and nuts
  12. Feinwerkbau have always made extraordinary rifles and still do, some of their range today are quite incredible.
  13. Deker


    Still plenty my way!
  14. Today
  15. Jackdaw

    .410 corvids

    Into the cattle feed in the yard (maize pit)
  16. Deker

    St James Park Lake

    Cheers walshie….I've fished Windsor park, loads of lakes in there and a lot of eels as well!
  17. nothernlite

    Chris packham

    Pacham is a nasty man worse than Brian May there's nasty men and woman in every walk of life if people didn't shoot there mouths of all over the internet will.there videos and pictures we would have so much heat on us
  18. mark williams

    A new rifle to the stables is on it`s way lads.

    " The picture" is inbound, Twat x
  19. mark williams


    Not as many as usual around my permissions.
  20. Hw100 kt carbine laminate 177 View Advert Nearly new hw100 for sale , only put max 40 pellets through it , comes with scope,extend and tilt bipod, sling,bag,pump,2 mags , this gun really is the dogs !!! Advertiser donnyman Date 26/05/18 Price £950.00 Category Airguns  
  21. donnyman

    Hw100 kt carbine laminate 177

    Time Left: 13 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Nearly new hw100 for sale , only put max 40 pellets through it , comes with scope,extend and tilt bipod, sling,bag,pump,2 mags , this gun really is the dogs !!! 950 ono pics on request cheers


  22. big napper


    Loads here near my house and at an allotment permission iv got there is even more and i cant shoot them because a do gooding anti bitch complained about me shooting them last year, they must know as they dont even fly away now.
  23. Sirblessed

    A day for the pup

    Thanks mate glad you enjoyed it.
  24. Ted Newgent

    Tommy Robinson How Is He Viewed In Britain At The Moment

    Tommys previous the last offence is what he broke today
  25. nothernlite

    Chris packham

    Says the man that admitted going to grass on a lad for dumping chicken carcasses what a tosser and a silly boy who set a date to come up.to Scotland and backed out now about Kieran I've no seen him for months went out with the dogs once with the lad to see his dog work so all your lies isnt working now pay a we bit more attention to your wife and she might not stray so much oh and the happy faces check every one of my.posts ginger your a fecking clown
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