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  2. Child on a plane.............

    Even me stepson only lasted 3-4 hrs when having an autism meltdown.😳
  3. Minced chicken

    When feeding raw chicken carcass, get bones for calcium, marrowbone, fat, bit of flesh, can't beat it! I also get chicken pulls, and the leftover lamb rib & backbones bones, 2 meals for a £1, lamb hearts, chicken necks, turkey necks and mince mixed with veg . Would only feed raw now, think it works out cheaper and better value than processed food
  4. Wardrobe malfunction

    Good to hear its not just me these things happen to ....
  5. One out of each

    Out today with last years kits... They have been down holes before but this was a proper outting for them, Tried 5 warrens and had one out of each. (3 pregnant 1 really milky and 1 buck). After the youngens had bolted one and looked like, what to do know, i put my main worker in also (their mum) to hopefully show them what to do next. But no more rabbits out? Even though i thought she worked the warren well enough. None were tricky or difficult. Do pregnant does hole up alone? FF
  6. jambalaya

    Just fishing for bites mate.Its a Sunday evening and there's f**k all on the Tele and I'm bored.
  7. Antlers

    That would be great... Let me known if you want anything and ill pay postage or make a donation to a charity. FF
  8. Twin piston...

    More on it. I like it. A lot. In fact, all of the prototype rifles shown in this video make nuts twitch.
  9. Gutted

    Cheer's.they do heal quickly as you know with your one's bad knock. He's done well with your busher.
  10. Antlers

    I’ve got a box of the things somewhere mate... I’ll have a look and post you a few.
  11. I had another reminder text about the number of deer on one of time farms I manage... apparently they were everywhere but even one would have been too many for this chap! I’d been trying to delay going over as my game larder is temporarily out of action and doubling up as a kitchen while we have an extension done and I’d been told by the wife in no uncertain terms was I not to bring anything back. Anyway, the farmer also casually mentioned that someone had knocked on his door asking about the shooting so I had to put a show in. It was pretty bloody chilly at 06:15 this morning in Somerset but I thought I had a good omen when 15 yards from the car I found a shed antler that was pretty much frozen into the frosty ground. What breeze there was was bitter and a look around the exposed lower reaches of the ground unsurprisingly yielded nothing. By the time I made it back to the truck the sun was up and would be hitting a bank of brush nearby so before heading home I went to pay it a visit as deer would be no doubt have holed up in it during the bitter night. I got there just as 4 were emerging from the brush onto a sun drenched bank. A nice plump doe follower looked just right so I made towards her. Reckoning on a nice looking tump of earth to take a prone shot.. I was only feet from it and they were oblivious to me. One last lunge and I’d be at the spot..... Rrrrrrriipp! The seat of my moleskin trousers parted spectacularly, the deer heads went up, clocked me, and buggered off! Standing up the breeze howled through the gap which was so big my moleskins looked more like a riding chaps🤠. Sod that so I packed off home, stopping in at a place a few more minutes from my house to just glass a hedgerow as an afterthought. A doe and a follower were 200+ m away against a bank of earth and the follower was making very heavy weather of it with what looked like a foreleg injury. Groaning and putting the Full English I’d been thinking about to the back of my mind I kitted up again and hopped out the truck. I got to within 160m and the adult doe clocked me and raised the alarm. The shot of sticks was a bit hasty out of necessity and took the follower in the brisket but, fortunately, both forelegs as well and she rolled down the bank. I thought I’d have to dispatch her but the 6.5 TTSX head had done it’s job so ‘all’ I had to do was scramble over brambles and stinging nettle stalks to retrieve her... getting poked and scratched on the ass both ways. I was in no mood to have a earfull about bringing a deer home so I hung her up in a barn at the farm to do something with later. The cold I was moaning about earlier will buy me some time but not some new trousers!
  12. Chinky PCP

    Looks like they have iron sights too? Im a fan of nice grain wood too FF
  13. Backpack hunting

    That is real adventure
  14. Gutted

    He will be up and running before you know it. Been great watching him come one these last few months. Besides......I have a little soft spot for the great lump!!
  15. Finished my gunrack

    Very nice... In the first picture it looks like the ironing board is also in it... FF
  16. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Or how many shots you can get within the circumference of a 5p piece at 12 yards.
  17. Child on a plane.............

    Theres something wrong with him or the mother putting up with that
  18. Backpack hunting

    I think i might well still be in my feral stage 😂
  19. Gutted

    He's on 14 tablets a day.8 of them are 50mg of tramadol.he's loving it. Poke em in sardines fillets and there straight down. he putting a little weight down on it already so all good.cheers
  20. Child on a plane.............

    Dart him!
  21. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Dam!... now I'm never going to get to see what a Sfs stage 5 tune can do

    Thats 6 points for using your phone and £40 for your passenger not wearing a seatbelt.
  23. Out with the 99s

    .177 Mark It's a lovely little bit of kit and Si has smoothed it out a treat 👌
  24. Gutted

    Glad u got him home mate and hope he makes a full recovery pal and it's only money mate as long as your dog is OK that's all that matters atb longers01
  25. Today
  26. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    No idea why they'e doing it but the definitely are...air arms South Africa which was a channel i was subscribed to has gone completely...all videos deleted
  27. Out with the 99s

    Nice shooting Matt. What`s the calibre mate ?
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