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  2. 17 day old muntjac vs 100 pound lurcher!!!

    Arh so cute ! thanks for sharing brilliant video
  3. What you listening to at the moment.

    Guardians of the Donbass:
  4. For Staffs Riff Raff

    I just looked I got msg I send him my new number pal
  5. For Staffs Riff Raff

    I not done allot with her mate she been so puppyish just started to mature now I get some new pics if I can't post them I send them to you she ain't made as big as I thought about23/24 strong but racey now I finally got the last bit of weight off her she didn't need f****n diamond at hunting food lol
  6. We had another 3 this morning ourselves flushing 8 in total for about 2 hours hunting.The place we were doing we actually had 11 from it last season on a morning but the cover has gone very thick now and even the swpringers were finding it hard to penetrate at times and the trees have grown to a height that makes shooting near impossible in places but we persevered,at 1 point 2 nice red hinds almost ran me down with my mates young springer hot in pursuit,they will be there for a morning or evening with the rifle,i had to finish early as i had to go to work in the afternoon but an enjoyable morning.
  7. Lab x pointer

    Any one breeding this cross??
  8. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Cheers D,he will certainly get all the work he can take and sure you might get down before the season ends for a bit of sport and you can see him in the flesh yourself.He is very keen and a nice dog to work with but he will be given only easy places for the present until next season then we will up the work load.
  9. Not My Classic

    I have been to baler where the Charlie don't surf scene was filmed,lots of stories floating around about the movie,the stars were drunk or stoned or snorting coke between scenes etc hopper and Brando didn't see eye to eye,Brando left the party early.
  10. Not My Classic

    theres a movie about the making of the movie ive not seen it but just looking at who was involved I wouldn't imagine its a pretty watch lol the speech is excellent as well anyone hell bent on winning a war would do well to study it carefully,
  11. Not My Classic

    Love reading, cant stand any of the American classic literature, tried a few and they just don't sit right with me, that Catcher in the Rye was garbage imho, I struggled badly to find it remotely interesting, gave it too my son he loved it. Not overly keen on classic English literature either lol Trainspotting the book will one day become a classic literature imho, its always been cult fiction and also mainstream due to the popularity of the film, there's a few layers to that book and a good few others written by the same author, very good account of the times in question from a very unique set of aspects, that's what makes great literature is it not? Kes is exactly the same great book great film, genuine classic literature, The Godfather is a Real American Classic much better book that it could ever translate to in two films, although the films are also classics, apart for the third one which is pants, Stephen King real good writer, The Stand, Salem's Lot, Shawshank Redemption, Stand By me, the latter two becoming classic movies as well, American Psycho is another great book that could or should become an American classic, not a bad film either
  12. Not My Classic

    Coppola allowed Brando to ad-lib most of his dialogue during the movie,I think that speech included.
  13. Not My Classic

    I read a good book Last year mate "the forgotten highlander" he was caught by the japs and its his story of the years as a pow. Really good read. @accip yea i Know its not the subject of the thread lol
  14. Pups

    No I mean short legged
  15. Not My Classic

  16. Best bacon brand

    No worries there......
  17. Best bacon brand

    I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member !
  18. Best bacon brand

    He's grilling a greggs steak bake as we speak!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Turkey Hunting.

    Marie enjoyed that vid mate...
  21. Best bacon brand

    Floaty type aren't ya 😋
  22. Best bacon brand

    Oh ok, sorry about that, patronising the old seemed a natrual thing to do......I now see the error of my ways...... Beware of the 'mooch' though, he'll only tell us who you really are!
  23. Funny Joke Thread

    Animal rights activists have broken into Battersea Dogs Home, and released over 400 dogs....... .........police are desperate for leads !
  24. New Pup

    You'd think bull or terrier blood for coyote or are they just hard arse running dogs?
  25. Beddy crosses of the 90’s

    Has they say the wheat from the chaff needs sorting..atb bunnys
  26. A fox has been helping himself to our Pheasant shoot during the day and is sighted by all n sundry when unarmed so me goes random times day n night to get him a lift to St Peters gate .Tonight arrived about 4.30pm ,its dark as can be thermal ,Photon ,best fox call ,mouse squeak e l and .308 loaded with Reynard sleeping pill ,1 part lead 1part copper.Moseys on down to the first gate and takes a pew. Well much scanning for half an hour and random calls ,no show.Next style <his haunt in the day>,parks my buttski and thermal scans whilst calling and "SBA " appears but whats this "arrgh" bloomin Munty, no shoot night time and nightvision .Next move to a track where the animals all use it as a zebra crossing and sit n wait s all over is leafes and brash so to walk is to sound like a big of crisps is tied to each boot. So i know there,s a den over in death valley <worst drive on the shoot>and slowly walk over and test the water well theres a few badgers about but he aint home .Make a slow crawl over to the plantation and there he is in the thermal ,no he bloomin isnt he stands up to show his munty suit . So after 4 hours ive got frosbite ,frustration and flat batteries but after a carp day at work i didnt care i,d been out under the stars and all was well
  27. Best bacon brand

    Gentlemen we have strayed from topic. If you know a farm with home bacon then pm me. Other than that just give me ideas 😘
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