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  2. Siblings

    They got rid as no good working in a large pack with beaters and lots of noise going on. I took a punt, an ya know what it paid off and the bitch works well like I said she puts enough up for the runners so I’m happy couldn’t give a f**k what you think to be honest mate cuz she ent never gonna work for you is she so stop worrying ya self about other people’s dogs and get on with bringing ya own dogs on. I’ll be out tomorrow and a few more days this week and I bet there a few things put away so that’s all I care about.
  3. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    I wonder how many years of other boxers time Haye has actually wasted? one cancelled fight with klitschko, two with fury and now this , I think he ought to call it a day his bodies buggered, Bellew knows it the fella who trains Bellew knows it, the last fella who trained haye to fight bellew knows it, the surgeon knew it a few years ago, only it seems too elude old Dave, Id imagine bellew be quite happy to sit on it until after xmas, Fury lol needs a licence to fight n too loose few stone, he does love to ask for fights he is very unlikely to get, don't think bellew will fancy big Tyson much
  4. Need A New Lamp

    How long has he started opening up.
  5. Need A New Lamp

    Spot on Mikey.its surprising how long the battery will last you using the dimmer.i slip the dog with the dimmer turned right down and only turn it up as he's nearly there.as long as the ground ain't to rough.im off out for a shine in a bit.decent breeze here now.
  6. Need A New Lamp

    The dog however let me down with his constant f***ing yapping behind the rabbits. That’s the next hurdle I need to cross
  7. Need A New Lamp

    It’s a beast! Had a bit of a tinker with the settings. Got the beam spread the size I want and I was shining it with the dimmer just barely on and could pick eyes out nicely. All in all, very impressed!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Haye vs Bellew Rematch Postponed

    Fury should just let his promoter do his job and he do his in the gym and take each fight has it comes has much as I dislike him I think he has the beating of most out there if not all if he keeps himself clean and focused
  10. Need A New Lamp

    What do you think of the 170 mikey
  11. Getting fed up

    I'm 20 min it's from Shropshire.i wouldn't say it's alive mate .theres a bit about but not in big numbers .
  12. Smk pr900.

    Underdog, it is the variety of shooting you do that peaks our interest. Muzzle loader, air rifle, pistol, PCP, spring, Co2, open sights etc. And the performing dog. Top class entertainment. Keep at it.
  13. Half cross bull greyhound

    They aint for the faint of heart ..... I have had a crash course in basic bull x ownership , this bitch is finally starting to settle down at nearly 8 months old , still a long way to go yet , but she is a good house dog even if a little wilful & spirited, she is lightening quick & needs a strong consistent routine otherwise she is a total lunatic.
  14. Getting fed up

    I’m only person meant to be on perm & i dont lamp the hares bud i’d gladly swap all hares on perm for rbts. Did you take pic on your avatar? Atb
  15. Dumb down for kids?

    My grandad had that to his dying day ! TV and radio on one unit.........years ahead of it's time, when you think about !
  16. How's it going?

    Love it mate wish i had done t years ago. Doing a fair bit of fishing and can walk for miles and not see a soul. Folk are sound aswell For being choochters lol
  17. Getting fed up

    The rabbits around here are Hard,atb At
  18. Pigs 2017

    Yes, they have been boned. I notice that those hams you see in Aldi and Lidl at Christmas, still have the bone, and even the trotter still there. While it didn't really occur to me and the butcher did it anyway, the bone would have been a problem at the slicing stage.
  19. Getting fed up

    The last one up. Here
  20. Siblings

    If it was any good they'd of kept it😂
  21. Porn.

    1 man 1 jar..
  22. Getting fed up

    Bunnys still everywhere where you were based ken.ive moved 20 miles from the base now.and I've only seen 1 rabbit all season.there's a few big rabbits around here so the bull x has got to get a push on lol.
  23. Getting fed up

    Shropshire is alive with rabbits
  24. List off shows 2018

    Gunnar your 100% right but did peter take the pic our put it up , No peter assaulted no one he was defending himself and theres loads of witnesses to prove it were you there, ffs wise up peter 59 fighting a young man in his 20s, how could you call that a fair go
  25. My new gang

    Lol I totally agree if he mentions ghillie suit he's having a slap across the back of the head.
  26. Clothes

    I was the same, but I got a bit ruthless over several house moves in recent years & kind of left myself short. Suddenly priorities change to your kids & next thing you know you're wearing the same pair of shoes everyday throughout the winter!
  27. Clothes

    I've always lived by the pirate code "take what you can, give nothing back and never f**k less than a nine"
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