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  2. How to work out killing distance

    Download chairgun and it will work it out for you. You need roughly 3ftlb to the brain to kill a rabbit humanely but just to confuse matters, that means my BSA R10 will drop a rabbit at 116 yards with 11.5ftlb at the muzzle yet that's a shot I would never even consider taking. Even if it's on FAC, I wouldn't pay too much attention to maximum distance kill shots as they appear great on paper but in practice there are too many variables such as wind etc to send the pellet off course and risking wounded quarry👍
  3. Trying to work things out

    Been out with dogs of this type, no more demanding than any other lurcher, maybe the odd one is but that's the dog not the cross,.
  4. Catherine Elliot Hancock Lurchers

    Yes mate he would BUT i do believe Ray's had his head turned when Buck came along and good for him. As for too much collie, well that's down to the person who ownes the dog and for many people Bryn or any f1 collie cross suit em just fine. For me, Bryn would also be too much collie but then in my post, i'm only talking about using Bryn, or a working f1 collie cross, 'over' sommat else....
  5. 1/4 x

    Don't need to be in the dog game to find idiots ffs 😂😂😂
  6. Trying to work things out

    @ W.Katchum...
  7. Nissan Xtrail dci sve

    year & miles please?
  8. Snowing

    Just watched the pathe news on YouTube about the snow in 1963 wouldn't want that
  9. Motion Camera

    You'll need a memory card with it aswell. It's simple to use . Put batteries and memory card in . Fiddle with settings (great video online to say what is what) and turn on. Simple as that
  10. stolen terriers

    Photo now added. I hope these dogs are found...
  11. Big Cat Sighting

    Hahaa im not one for pics but did get one pic of the beast.
  12. land rover defender 70th edition

    The good thing about this 70th edition is your make friends in all the local garages , with a 5litre petrol engine your be a regular in all of them ...
  13. Sadiq khan's S.hole London

    Who woke up one day and thought let’s bring 3 world shit and values to these shores and let the working class live side by side and everything will be Rosie , it will enrich all our lives whoever stuck by the idea that it’s the way forward to a healthy society in one of the greatest capital cities in the world have made a monumental fk up there’s no rewind button it’s fkd
  14. land rover defender 70th edition

    Piles of shite,you need to be a power lifter to push clutch in.that steering wheel so close to the door.?
  15. New member from holland

    Hahah, indeed I wear those. But without the colour. Just the plain wood version. Im not modern at all. Even for rural enviroment Im old fashion. Im also old fashion in our relation man-woman: Boss: woman. Who's always right: the woman. Who knows best: woman.
  16. Trying to work things out

    They over rated as in everybody wants one but very few need one or can do one justice haha🤣 maybe over rated us wrong term, maybe I should have went to school more, not😀
  17. Let it snow!

  18. Hi all, I realise this may have been discussed before so apologise in advance. Now I understand that killing a rabbit has a lot to do with target placement rather than power etc but I just wondered if there was some way I could figure out what distance (dependant on pellet placement) a certain left Airgun will kill at. I’m new to FAC Airguns so not sure what ftlb I’m going to get as it probably depends what is available at time etc but when I get one I would like to have an idea what the max distance it will kill at once I’ve got it sighted and my pellet placement is acceptable to take on a kill. Cheers all
  19. Mooch on Dartmoor

    He is a genuine guy,...
  20. land rover defender 70th edition

    We'e just a couple of 08 landies at work, feck knows what model etc but they've got transit engines and working heaters but they feel weird to drive. It doesn't enjoy dragging 2.5 ton round a swamp anyway.
  21. New member from holland

    He may be a modern man
  22. Evo 75 IR

    Thanks for the response. Weight is not a concern for me as I’ll be shooting from a high seat or a vehicle so I’d rather have more distance and weight than less distance and less weight.
  23. Carillion

  24. Sadiq khan's S.hole London

    I used to live on the isle of dogs,the whole east-end is twinned with Dhaka
  25. land rover defender 70th edition

    Tell me about it. I have to drive the bloody things every day at work.
  26. land rover defender 70th edition

    Heater ..! ...When did they sneak a heater in ? ..is it one of those paraffin ones you have in the greenhouse? ..
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