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My hunting so far... Lamping the night away



Last night was only the third time on my new permission, a huge farm about three miles away from from my house. I must admit it just seems to get better and better. Im currently writing a hunting book basically just following my adventures and me trying to grow and catch as much as I can to put in the pot. So I'm documenting everything I do and trying to learn as much as I can about the wonderfully world of hunting. So anyway last night was great. Myself and my two fellow hunters set out at 10pm and had arrived in no time. Like I say I am documenting my hunts for my book and also for a DVD Im making so my main job is cameraman/rabbit carrier although we swap around a lot and we don't always have the three members of the team. We all carry a lamp each and use the two dogs and I have the rifle. My lamp is a striker 170 and seems to do the job perfectly. I also have a small lamp on the top of my rifle. The first two fields we went into were rabbit free but the third proved to be a cracker, one lone huge rabbit sitting in the middle of the field. Tia was slipped and quickly caught up with the rabbit but this rabbit was fast it was weaving in and out and after a good long run Tia was getting tired, we thought we had lost our first rabbit of the night until that is Tia turns the rabbit and both rabbit and dog are hurtling towards us and more importantly towards Tia's hunting partner Ben. Tia was coursing her into Ben and just as the rabbit passed us, Ben was slipped and nailed it in seconds. It truly was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Tia really was purposely steering the rabbit into Bens awaiting jaws. A few fieds latter Ben and Tia are both slipped on a lively looking bunny who we found jumping around like a crazed loon. Tia has the speed advantage over Ben but knows Ben has the power, she once again steered the rabbit into Ben and it was all over. Another six wher taken and at 3 am we called it a night or morning as the case may be. We headed back to my Friends house and had our usual 3:30 hunting night coffee. I have found a passion for hunting and always look forward to my Friday nights and more importantly look forward to the summer.



I will add some pics to my blog shortly. I'm writing this from my new iPad and struggling to come to grips with how to do everything.


Anyway untill next time, happy hunting




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Hey Beastiehunter, a man after my own heart. Ever read 'The Wild Life' by John Lewis-Stempel? A real inspiraiton he and other authors have lead me on a path that now finds me dwelling with my family of four in a caravan in a beautiful woodland. All meat is hunted, and soon alot of greens will be foraged. I can connect to your desires and have been documenting my adventures. Very best wishes to you in your endeavours.



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