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my pointer x lamper

Graham Bird


blog-0483986001328492667.jpgHi all , this is my first blog.

basically i bought a 1 year old lurcher x pointer about 6 months ago - she is great on the lamp and i must of had around 80-90 rabbits since i bought her she is also great on the day especially in woods because of the pointer in her - i would love to make her a day dog but with school i dont have enough light for her to go on the day. The question that i would like to ask is she will not come back straight away until about the 3rd race on a rabbit , she will mooch about alot wich me and my mates blame the pointer in her for it isnt a huge problem but it gets abit annoying as she tires herself out from running up and down whilst mooching. also does anyone have any other advice about lamping but primarily i would like to ask how can i get her to come back straight away or is there no way - thanks for any help u will provide -Graham,


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hows it goin bud,well with my experence i would just use her by day for 2 seasions,and when ur on about by day i assume ur on about ferreting! i find if your lamping her shes obviously looken out the field for the rabbits which would make her very free by day aswell,just give her a few days on a slip when ur out by day and when ur slippen her make sure you dont slip any other dogs and when she catches the rabbit take it easy with her,rub her and pet her.a few turns of this and she should come round and bring her catch back to ya...usually after 2 seasions she will have the experience to know the difference between day work and night work...

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thanks alot for the feedback mate - when she catches a rabbit she will bring it straight back - its when they get away that takes her a while . any suggestions ? thanks bud

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to get your dog to come back to you at night click your lamp at your feet and turn it off then call your dog dont worry about the rabbits you are skareing you are teaching the dog to come to the flash of your light do this every time then when the dog is coming good just click the light off and on and your dog should come straight back, dont look for the dog with the lamp that will only teach the dog to hunt on,when the lamps off the dog should come staight back to your feet.it might take time but if the dog got brains it will click and problem solved, you can move around quietly.

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