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Bison Bull Hunt

High Plains Adventures


blog-0255360001327506526.jpgGood Day Fellow Hunters. Just thought I’d share an awesome opportunity with all the big game hunters out there. Many of you may be starting your Super Ten of North American Big Game or you may need a few more animals to finish it up. High Plains Adventures is offering Bison Bull hunts at a discounted price from now through the end of February. All of our hunts are fair chase and as free range as it gets in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. These bulls are massive in size and would put you in “Gold” status in the SCI record books, not to mention dinner for the rest of the year with an average of 600 lbs of processed meat. Bison is one of the most majestic animals to hunt, and the impact that they can absorb is amazing. Don’t let the opportunity of a life time pass you by. If you are also looking for Mule Deer or Pronghorn, we are also booking for 2012 seasons. We spend the whole year scouting over 300,000 acres of land. Call 719-433-0466 or visit High Plains Adventures today for more details…www.highplainsadventures.com


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