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daytime work with my bullx

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When i got my dog what i wanted from my dog was simple, i expected to only lamp him and then i basically wanted a dog that i could point and slip and return when called.I didnt really expect him to be any good in the daytime as most comments id heard about bullx where that they lacked speed and nose for daytime work.So i never set out in the day with the intention of doing anything but walk the dog over the same land we would lamp at night,i started noticing that as well as using his eyes tyke was starting to use his nose and that i also was learning to recognize signs from him that he was on to something on a couple of occasions after the obvious nose down tail in air sign he would then put his head up and snif the air stopping and looking in a certain direction the first time this happened we where on a lane and a hedge seperated us from a field of maze after tyke pulling me on the lead and making our way into the field i a roebuck between the maize and the hedge 50yds down the field granted this didnt mean my dog had an amazing nose but the next incident showed that the bullx has no nose opinion of some people was wrong and i had unwittingly formed my opinion of what my dog could or would do from other peoples opinions stupid i know but i was new to this game and didnt even have any friends who hunted whose opinion i could ask.The next run where tyke really impressed me was one day as we were walking round the headland of a recently ploughed field i suppose this field was maybe 200yds wide and probably the same lenght ways as we made our way up the right hand side of the fielld i could tell tyke had picked up a hot scent and he was very busy investigating it ahead of me, the next thing i know tyke was off running toward the far left hand hedge but i couldnt tell what he had seen until i noticed something far off and low to the ground pheasant or cat i thought only once tyke had closed and caught it did i realise it was a fox i was shocked to say the least as i would never of ecpected tyke to catch a fox under those conditions especially considering it was only the 5th fox he had seen and the first in daytime.This really opened my eyes to what my dog was capable of doing and i really liked the fact that he had done all the work without encouragement from me i liked the fact he was thinking for himself and working without any aid from me it was a real buzz to watch from then on i started mooching a lot more with him and encouaraging him to use his nose.I read some where that you shouldnt encouarage a lamping dog to use his nose as it may cause him to hunt up at night , i think a dog that is in tune with all his senses hearing smell and sight helps in a lamping dog as quite often quarry can run out of the beam and tyke on a few occasions has caught out of the beam and sometimes a fieldaway.I love lamping and you do catch higher numbers of game but to me seeing my dog find flush and catch quarrry in the daytime to be something that really gets youre adrenaline going,i cant believe how blinkered i was coming into this game but thanks to tyke my eyes have been opened to appreciating daywork and hunting in its purest form as our ancestors would have done ,ramble over.

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Enjoyed reading that mate every dog is an individual got a saluki x everybody says they are hard to train and being new to lurchers everybody warned me about them but she has been brilliant not so hard to train at all always wants to please and is a good companion dog the more time you spend with them the better you get to understand each other sounds like you two make a good team mate. Happy hunting

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sounds like your dog blown away ur expextations... its great 2 have a dog that hunts day and night... the only problem with lamping is when he misses 1 in 2 a hedge and tries 2 find it with his nose mite not do that... if he dont u got a lil cracker on ur hands

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