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My first bullcross

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After being intrested in fieldsports since being young and reading plummer books id always wanted to own a working dog ,my accomodation and situation wasnt really suitable until a couple of years ago. When i was younger there was no internet so i was coming into the world of lurchers with knowledge gleaned from various books in the library or books by plummer,once i got on line i was amazed at the amount of crosses available,after reading about bullx in books yet never seeing one i started doing abit of research and saw my first picture of a bullx taffybulls troy well as soon as i saw that pic i knew that my heart was set on a bullx,but which cross exactly? a half cross? 3/4bred? 3/8 5/8? everyone seemd to have an opinion that differed my original intention was a dog that would be worked purely on the lamp for foxes and rabbits you could say i was a bit blinkered in what i wanted to do.I decide to look at maybe the 3/8 5/8 or maybe a 3/4bred dog as i didnt want an overly heavy dog.Well i struck lucky ther was an ad on here for bullx pups 3/8 5/8 to a 3/4bred so i decided to go and take a look as luck would have it the chap selling them was the terrier man for a local hunt and turned out to be a genuine guy the parents wre impressive and had obvously seen some action so for the princely sum of 150 notes i was know the proud owner of a bullx who i decide to call tyke a black and white dog that you can see in my gallery.Tyke was 2months old when i got him in may and i have to say i really enjoyed taking him out on the land i would be hunting him on and getting him used to the sights and smells some people cant wait to get there dog working but i really enjoyed watching him grow and seeing his charachter develop.Towards the back end of the season he was 11mnths so i decided to give him a little run ,I had never lamped before so this was going to be a case of us finding our feet together,i knew the basic theory and fieldcraft so slipped him on his first few rabbits wich although he was close to he missed over a couple of weeks he maybe had a dozen runs ,i was a bit dissappointed that he hadnt caught but decide to leave it another couple of weeks and try again.The next time i took him out i took him to a field with longish grass and a thick brably hedge , l slipped him on a rabbit 15 yds out and as last time he was right on its scut until it dissappeared into the hedge only this time tyke went in after at and suddenly the night air was filled with the squeak of a caught rabbit that tyke plucked out of the hedge,to say my adrenaline was up would be and understaemnet i was over the moon all those hours of walking and feeding the dog had finally paid off ,tyke was on his way.

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