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I thought I'd try and get a New Year's greeting in, while what little internet I have is working! The adverse weather is making connection spotty at best, and off at worst! It's a little chilly to say the least.


So here goes...


Happy New Year from the mountains. I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.




All the best! :thumbs:


YIS... Chris



Yesterday afternoon, before the rain came, I was alerted to an intruder by the dog. These b*****ds were trespassing on my land and had completely ignored the posted signs.






I managed to snag a few pictures, after they'd scarpered onto my neighbours property. Seriously these wild turkeys have no respect for boundaries.


YIS... Chris



The weather was beautiful, yesterday afternoon. Mid sixties Fahrenheit and the sun was shining. I recently picked up some ultra-light action, fishing gear, and I wanted to try it out so I headed out to the reservoir.


It's an ugly place, wouldn't you agree?




Good morning!


Trying to decide what to do for the day, while having my morning coffee. So I checked the weather forecast and it said partly cloudy...




Looks like the makings of a good day! ;)


YIS... Chris





Had an early start this morning... up at first light to walk the dog and check up on the local wildlife.


The last few months we've had a pair of Ospreys nesting on top of the pylon, at the local sub-station. They don't like people too close so we've always kept a respectful distance. Generally once you hear them call you're too close, and the female has a tendency to distract you away from the nest by circling.


The great news, this morning, is that the chicks seem to have fledged! We counted 3 in total. All perched on top of the pylons, with the parent birds there also. 5 ospreys in one location is a first for me. So has being able to watch them over the last few months as they've gone from nest to the new generation.


Here's some shitty pictures for you...




The above pic is one of the youngsters perched next to the nest.




The pic above left to right are the two parent birds. Far right is the second youngster.




The tiny outline above is the third youngster.


I'm going to head out again, tomorrow morning, while I'm still off work. Seeing if they're hanging around but that might be it for this year, before they migrate to avoid the cold. The good news is that they're highly likely to reuse the same nesting site so I'm hoping next year I'll be able to document them a little more closely.


YIS... Chris


10 miles from me is the beautiful town of Pine Valley. A few days a week I like to get out and fish their reservoir for a couple of hours.


Tonight was no different although the only thing biting was the mosquitoes!






YIS... Chris


Local Wildlife

Living in the mountains is very enjoyable. It's extremely peaceful but not exactly quiet. There's more deer than people in this part of the world and the road leading into the city is known as 'Venison Alley.'


Earlier this year I installed a trail cam, on my property. On my way out to work, one weekend, I saw a bobcat among the trees. I decided that I had to document what wanders through so I bought and installed one the same weekend. Now I haven't been able to document the bobcat since, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened. A lot of the birds fly through and trip the motion sensor and I'm greeted with pictures like this when I download the onboard SD card...




The unit also has an IR camera with it. After being lulled to sleep by the coyotes, one night, I was pleased to find this on next download...




That coyote was about 20ft from my bedroom when that pic was taken. IMHO that camera paid for itself with that picture!


I'll add trail cam pics, to this blog, as and when I get something of note. Checking the LCD display to see 30 pictures on it, is like Christmas! Even if most of the pictures are blurred collared doves! :laugh:






And So We Begin...

Greetings and salutations.


Some of you may be aware that I recently moved into the back of beyond. I moved from England, in 2008, and I now live in mountains of southern Utah, USA. I live in a town with around 600 people in it. There are no shops here. No post office. Not even a petrol station. The nearest is about 10 miles away. The nearest city is 30 miles and that only as around 100,000 people in it. If you like solitude you'll love it here. If you need the occasional piss up we're only 2 hours north west of Las Vegas! :laugh:


As of this post, this is the view from my front porch...




Summer temperatures have hit 105ºF/41ºC so far this year. Winter temperatures dropped as low as -5ºF/-21ºC. Quite the variance for 5300ft above sea level!


I'll be bullshi*ting quite a bit, over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy!


ATB Chris





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