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my lamping lurcher

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Graham Bird

my pointer x lamper

blog-0483986001328492667.jpgHi all , this is my first blog.

basically i bought a 1 year old lurcher x pointer about 6 months ago - she is great on the lamp and i must of had around 80-90 rabbits since i bought her she is also great on the day especially in woods because of the pointer in her - i would love to make her a day dog but with school i dont have enough light for her to go on the day. The question that i would like to ask is she will not come back straight away until about the 3rd race on a rabbit , she will mooch about alot wich me and my mates blame the pointer in her for it isnt a huge problem but it gets abit annoying as she tires herself out from running up and down whilst mooching. also does anyone have any other advice about lamping but primarily i would like to ask how can i get her to come back straight away or is there no way - thanks for any help u will provide -Graham,