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questioning performance of my bullx

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As i explained in previous blog this is my first bullx so apart from a couple of other bullxs i dont have much to compare him to.I quite often find myself thinking on the way my dog works and the style in wich he works.One question that keeps popping up is the way in wich my dog works shot and retrievd foxs,he has no problems in tackling them but its the way in wich he deals with them once caught,after his initial hold of usually the back end .i find that rather hang on anywhere and shake and expose himself to being bitten that he seems to work the fox in a way so that he avoids getting bitten,is this a sign of him being cowardly or clever,he seems to rather than hold on and shake he waits until they try and bite him and then change his grip either for the throat or the back of the neck from there he goes to work om the rib cage and its all over,from what i can gather from other people alot of there dogs will just grab the fox and take whatever punishment rather than avoid it,ive come to the conclusion that his style is less of the terrier grab and shake style and more of the bull terrier style of looking for holds wherby he can infllict damage with out taking it himself although on occassions he has been bitten quite badly but still seen the job through. It seems to me that most bullx owners consider a dog that avoids being bitten as less than commited but to be honest ive come to the opinion that as long as tyke is taking them and avoiding damage im quite happy as he has been laid up a couple of times after getting bitten on the legs and there is nothing worse than a dog in the sick bay especially as the weather conditions seem to turn perfect when youre dogs out of action.To cap it off i think he is using his head as he seems to alter his style and technique to match the quarry that he is facing .I suppose that until youre dog retires,dies or jacks and you can look back and be honest on how he has worked during his career will i get my answer...

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