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My main quarry when i set out to get a bullx was foxes ,but having discoverd the pleasures of running other larger quarry after tyke self entred one night not long after his first bunny,i didnt really ever go out with the intention of running foxes,i didnt bother buying a squeaker even ,if our paths crossed with a fox id either try my pitiful squeaking or if it was close enough slip tyke,though i found foxes seldom venture out from the hedges unless enticed or you mange to lamp one thats stalking rabbits.Due to this tyke really hasnt had a lot of practice on them and thats one thing i think a dog definitley needs with old foxy as there ability to turn without losing momentum and style of running is something a dog needs to learn to deal with.Tyke was running them flat out causing him to overshoot and miss,it he had to learn to use his gears and hang back abit sometimes.In his second season i went out with a chap of thl and his bullx bitch who was excellent on foxes singlehanded this gave me the chance to see tyke run doubled up ,without boasting we caught most of the foxes we saw and the foxes always gave a good account of themselves and if youre looking to catch numbers doubled up is the way to go.But i do think that one on one a good fox with a fair slip is a good challenge for a dog and an exciting course to watch .Tyke is certainly not a fox dog yet only having 30 foxes singlehanded in 2 seasons and maybe a dozen more doubled up but like i said thats due to me and him being sidetracked by other quarry.My most memorable fox with tyke was one night i lamped a pair of eyes maybe 50yds down in the field it took of immediatley but due to a slope they ran over i lost sight of them quickly i started walking down the field expecting to meet tyke returning after missing the fox a minute or so had gone by and i gave a couple of whistles and scanned the field nothing ,next thing i knew a pair of eyes were running up the left hand side of the field towards the hedge followed by tyke who took his chance and strruck just as the fox got near the hedge i couldnt believe it i dont know if he had been running the same fox all that time without the aid of the lamp or wether it was another fox that he had run into either way i was over the moon as tyke had stuck to the job in hand and got a result when i expected none,i know it can be quite difficult to gauge time when youre stood out in the field but id say that at the least he had run that fox for a minute and a half in near darkness .Runs like that where the dog has everything against but still comes up with result are the ones i always remember and i left the field that night full of respect and pride for my dog for not giving up.

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