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#3003548 A Story To Share With You All..

Posted by 214_si on 17 January 2013 - 08:21 pm

hi all my father in law has asked to post this story he wrote on his behalf,

Its about his match winning bitch he had in the mid 70's, a few may or may not recognise some of the names inside

either way chaps tell me what you think please

My Lou - By Billy Bruce

Saluki x Greyhound x Bedlington

I am about to tell you a story about a little coursing bitch called Lou.

It all started one day back in April 1974, my cousin Phoebe's husband, Johnny Coates, came round to where I lived near Abbeywood and asked if I was interested in two pups. He knew someone who lived at Bean trailer site, near Dartford, called Sammy Samuels. I said “Let’s Go and have a look at them”. We arrived at the site and Johnny said to Sam that I wanted to have a look at the pups. He showed me them and as soon as I saw them I liked them. I asked him how much and he said £150 for the two. In them days it sounded a bit dear, I’m talking when you could buy a decent dog for about £30, but anyway I struck a deal at £125 for the pair. The Sunday after I took them to Baldock with another little brindle bitch called Queenie, she was a bit temperamental some days but when she ran she could bust them. Anyhow she killed plenty of hares for me in her time. That Sunday I put all 3 on 2 hares, knowing that Queenie would kill them for the pups; it was the middle of April so the hares were easy to kill that time of the year. This routine of giving the pup’s easy kills went on all summer long; Lou must have had 30-40 easy kills with her brother and Queenie
One time I was stopping on Albert Taylors yard at Cambridge, when me and my cousin Levi Lee decided to give the dogs a run, he had a black and white bitch that Mick Harris had bred. Mick was one of the best coursing men who had ever lived, I miss him a lot, and we had some good days coursing together. We went coursing, but I decided to only take the black dog, we chucked them both on a half grown leveret, it turned into a bit of a grueler, the leveret kept coming out of the field and onto the lane. One time on the lane the black pup, now 10 month old, fell over a dropped dead, Levi's bitch carried on the course, got the leveret back in the field and killed it. I brought the leveret back home, skinned it, gutted it and cooked it for my dinner the next night, after that I left Lou and Queenie alone for about 6 weeks.

At the beginning of September, when the corn had just been cut, I started to take them coursing again. In September Queenie killed about 10 hares for Lou by doubling up; the way she was running I knew she would kill hares on her own one day. It was the end of September I decided she was ready to have a run single handed, I took her down to the Isle Of Grain on the grass, within 10 minutes a hare got up about 10 yards in front of me, I slipped Lou, she went straight up to it and within about 5 or 6 bends she caught it, I was over the moon. Then, another 2 hares got up, she caught them as well, my little dream came true, I knew she was capable of killing single handed, I thought to myself “3 out of 3,what a bitch”. I started to go back to my van, I was carrying the hares back when another 3 hares got up and she caught them as well. I could hardly believe she could catch 6 hares single handed 1st time of asking, at the time I was wearing braces, I took them off and tied 3 hares on each brace and hung them round my neck and started to walk back, when I got back to my van my neck was aching, I got into the van and drove home. I then went round to my 2nd cousin Buster's place and showed him the 6 hares that she had killed. He was pleased for me, he said “Good Luck Brucey, look after her”. I must have told people what she had done for a whole year after that, run 6 hares and she never missed one.

I started to match her with a few of the boys I knew, my Uncle Eddie, mums brother; I had him for a tenner, then Uncle John, mums brother, a tenner off of him also. Then Johnny Coates and his uncle little Joe Coates, we went to Royston behind Silver Ball Cafe, the match was for £50. Lou stopped 3 hares that day, and then I raced Clifford Lee for £15, not losing any matches. Then me and Buster started going, we went to Prickwillow on the Fens, at 15 1/2 months old, she stopped 3 hares single handed. Two weeks before Christmas 1974, Buster took a photo of us, I took the photo to a man in Dartford who done an oil painting of Lou and me, with 3 hares in one hand.
One night just before Christmas ‘74, Joey Coates came round to where I lived and said he knew 2 brothers who were stopping at Doncaster, on a site, who had permission. He wanted to know if I would race them, I said yes, the race was for £100. Me, Joe and my Dad, went to Doncaster on Boxing Day morning, they was on a site at Thorne. When we got there, still dark, I noticed my Uncle Johns trailer, I knocked him up he made us a cup of tea. He had a 12x12 kitchen tent. He said have you come up here to run them boys, I said yes, he said “you are wasting your money, their bitch is red hot” I replied “you don’t think I have come 200 miles with a dog that can’t kill a hare?”. I wanted him to come and see the match but he couldn’t because he had to visit his boy, Ginger John, who was inside. Anyway, we drove to some fields along the old Scunthorpe Road a18, the first 2 hares up with Mike and Orries bitch, she missed both hares, my bitch Lou killed her first 2 hares, she made the hares look bad, they paid me £100 I said “let’s go home” but seeing as she had 2 easy kills, I decided to run her again, this time I told everybody to stay on side of the field and I would walk it on my own. Joe said “I’ll walk with you”, after about 3 or 4 minutes Joes black rough coated dog saw a hare and took to it, I kept on walking 2 or 3 minutes later a hare jumped about 20ft in front of me, I slipped Lou, she run straight up to it without bending it, picked it straight up.

A few weeks later I raced Billy West from Bottersdale near Diss. He had permission, the race was for £100, Billy had a fawn bitch called Lyla, anyway, I won that race, afterwards we all went in a pub and had a good old chat about dogs and a sing song. All those west boys can sing a song you would be hard pressed to find better company, one and all true gentlemen. After that I started to run her all over the country, Yorkshire, Salisbury Plaines, Wantage, Baldock, Newmarket, Royston, Prickwillow, Leysdown, Romney Marsh, Pevensey Bay, Reculver Bay, Cliff Marches and a few other places I can’t think of. Wherever Lou Ran she made most hares look bad, a little time afterwards I raced my good old coursing partner Buster at Wantage, Buster slipped his black bitch on a hare, had a very good run, unlucky not to have killed it. Lou had next run, all over after 5 bends, another hare dead. I put her on a lead and walked over to Buster, I noticed his bitch’s front pad split open gushing blood, a very bad cut. I said “call the bet off”, it was for £50, I could see she shouldn’t run again that day, anyway, he said 'no'. I slipped again and Lou stopped her hare pretty quick, Buster slipped his bitch on another hare, he shouldn’t of done, she ran the hare in a straight line for about 500 yards then came back, she was finished, he gave me the £50, I didn’t want to take it but he insisted.

A Week later Busters brother Bill Saw me, he made a bet with me for the following Sunday at Stow. Bill, Buster, Me and Billy Pearce and my brother John went together to Stow, however, I beat him as well for £50, and she carried on killing hares not missing any. The summer came I moved to Wolverhampton, behind a disused petrol garage. Me and Johnny Coates went coursing round the lanes, I spotted 2 hares rutting in a field, pulled up, ran my bitch out to them, they both squatted as I was getting nearer to them, one got up and went, I slipped, Lou got to it 4 or 5 bends and had it killed, Johnny was standing about 10 ft. away from the other hare, the one I killed was the buck, so I started to walk back to the van, Johnny was indicating he was near the other hare, me knowing it was the doe, I ignored it, and walked away because I knew if it got up and I slipped Lou she would have killed it, then we moved at the beginning of September to Doncaster, we pulled on Joe Cunningham’s place Tilts. In the night we went for a drink in the Toll Bar Working Men’s Club, after about 20 minutes, Bob Gaskin came over to me and said “I heard you’ve got a good coursing bitch” I replied “yes she aint bad”. He offered to have a bet with me,he had a black bitch called Kinky, she had a broken tail, I said no because Lou had a sore foot, he said “my bitch has got a couple of cuts” he was a bit determined to have a bet, I still said “no”. Then he offered me 5 to 3, I said ill run you your £50 to my £30 he then said “leave off, I mean £500 to your £300” then I replied 'tell you what, I’ll run ya for a straight £100, I don’t need no odds”, the bet was on for the next morning, which was Sunday. We raced in some fields near the Darrington a1, near a stone quarry. Busters brother Bill came, we ran 3 hares each and killed them, we stopped, went home for dinner and carried the match on after dinner, met each other near a pub called the Pied Bull. However Kinky missed her first hare up, Lou stopped hers, He came over and gave me £100, I slipped Lou on another and she stopped that as well. The return match was on for next week, 1st hare up for Bob, his bitch had a grueler finished up running it to a bit of cover, she stopped at the cover panting and blowing, Bob sent 3 or 4 young boys, 7 or 8 year old, over to where the hare went, they flushed it out and his bitch caught it. My turn now, me and Danny Coates were walking when Danny spotted a hare in a seat. He called me over, I went up behind the hare, as it got up I slipped and she only put 2 bends in it then killed it, Bob said ' he can’t run for another hour' I offered to run Lou the next 2 hares to give his bitch a breather. We finished up in the Pied Bull, after about 5 minutes Bob said “his bitch can’t run no more”, and I replied “in that case you lose your money” but he said we are evens, then one of Bobs in laws said to me “ I bet you £50 she won’t catch her next hare” me knowing she aint missed a hare for nearly a year I said “I’ll bet you £100 she will kill her next 2 up, not 1” another man wanted the same bet, so I had he's £100, 2 others wanted the same bet, I said “no, I’ve got enough” but Mike and Orrie Gaskin covered their bets, so now £400 on Lou, needless to say, she killed her next 2 hares, Joe Wilshire saw her do it and tried to buy her offering £600 but I said no, when I dropped the 2 hares at Bobs feet, I said I’ll give you a chance next week, then Bob and Kevin, his brother, tried buying Lou, I again said “No, Joe just tried offering me £600”, Bob said “Do you want £800” I said no again, then they said “put her on price” and I still said 'No’.

I met Bob a week later at Downham market where Joe Wilshire stopped, to race him again, on the way going there, I said to Billy Pearce who came with me “I am going to lose the match”, it was the only way I could get Bob to stop betting me, we walked the fields and a hare got up 300 yards away, I slipped Lou she chased it in a straight line for 400 yards into some woods. Bobs black bitch killed her 1st hare, then I slipped on the same sort of distance again, she ran it in a straight line, into the woods as she did before, I said to Bob “she's had enough and can’t run no more” then I gave him £100, he said “I knew I had the better bitch” I kept my thoughts to myself. The next week I ran her at the tea stall layby 6 mile bottom in Newmarket, with Seaman Anderson and old Johnny Lappin, an Irishmen, who I had known since i was 15. She stopped 5 out of 5 that morning, on the way walking back to my van to go home we met Billy, Tommy and Archie Brown, they said is that the bitch you ran Bob Gaskin last week, I said it was, they said “we'll race you”, they had permission on the fields at the tea stall. They asked how she had done that morning and I said she had run 5 but only killed 1, which was a lie, however I met them there the next week and beat them, Lou ran 3 and stopped them all, and their dog ran 3 and stopped 2. Any dog to stand a chance against Lou, had to kill 3 out of 3 just to draw, she stood about 23 inches, smooth coated and very sharp, vary rarely did she have a grueler, definitely a bitch with that killer instinct.

Then Buster made a meet for me to a man down at Leysdown, he had a fawn broken coated dog for £100. When we met he realised my bitch had been racing the Gaskins, Billy West and the Brown Boys, so decided to back out of the bet, we walked some fields, Busters black bitch ran 3 and stopped them, then Lou ran 3 and killed them, but the last hare took a lot out of her it was a grueler, so I decided not to run her no more. Charlie Winyats dog ran 5 and stopped 5, would I have beaten his dog? I think that day Lou might of lost. It turns out that his dog and my bitch was litter brother and sister. His dog was known as Toby the Hoover. Any man whoever slipped a coursing dog and lived down south, knew Toby, he was the best dog that ever lived and came from Sittingbourne, was Lou better than Toby? Hard to say, all I know is Lou killed hares all over England, where as Toby very rarely ran outside of Kent. If both dogs were alive today and in their prime, they would be worth a fortune; this story could go on a lot longer. Any man who might think I’m exaggerating how good Lou was, just ask the ones I beat with her they will tell you.
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#3041955 Respect For The Quary You Hunt

Posted by oldred58 on 07 February 2013 - 12:12 pm

you read so much shite on here from a lot of clowns, with so little respect for the quary they choose to hunt, and would be happy to kill what ever comes across they path, I was brought up to respect the land and quary I hunted, If my lurcher coursed a hare pre ban, I was happy for a good course that give the dog a good run for his money, and also happy the hare got away to run another day, Also with Terrier work, let many of fox bolt, unless they are causing problems for the land owner, I like to walk the land with no dogs some days, and take my time to look around, Last year I sat and watched some fox cubs playing out side an earth, most clowns on here would have gone home for there dogs and mates and killed them all no doubt, theres more to the hunting game than killing. show a little respect for nature so we can injoy it, And pass it on for jenerations to come       WHINGE OVER   :thumbs:     

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#3639789 The Hare And The Dogs

Posted by Tiercel on 12 May 2014 - 06:37 am

Following on from an earlier thread about tame hares, a mate of mine had a leveret, that was found on a local horse racing course by one of the grass cutters, handed to him. That was back in June 2011 the hare is coming up for three now and still lives in the house with the dogs.


Early days.




Getting bigger.













#2758904 'A bit of this n that'

Posted by Moll. on 12 August 2012 - 10:24 pm

Firstly i would just like to say to all the pompus, self righteous, stuck up their own arse moaners.
I do not give a rats arse, if in your opinions, protocol, procedure and perfection have not been adhered too.
I have had an absolutely FANTASTIC day out doing 'a bit of this an that' with friends, i am not forcing anyone else to do what i do or claiming i do it right.
So if anyone feels .....A waste of a bull cross, their sport is being shown in a bad light, illegal use of dogs, not proper ferreting dogs, heaven forbid more than one dog on a rabbit, or any of the other crap i hear......click the back button now and go and read something else. :D

It has been one of the best days, our first gradual start for the season. Out with my pal Woodga, his brother John and Ray.
A new place we have not been to before, Woodga had seen loads of rabbits sat out when passing and thought it would be a good place to ferret. Unfortunately he did not go and look up close. This place was literally covered in holes, i would say approx one every 5ft. :icon_eek:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Meant we did not have enough nets or ferrets, but it was fun watching the bolter's being chased..

Posted Image

Woodga's "Oooo he just missed that" face :D

Posted Image

My two don't get to go ferreting very often, and are a bit like kids in a sweet shop for a while till they calm down. So a bit of restraint is required till they get some wind out of their sails and settle into it.

Posted Image

Not Blaze though, he is an old pro at this game!

Posted Image

Shovel restraint did not always work though. :icon_redface: :laugh:

Posted Image

They did calm down admirably later as you will see.

It sometimes worries me to know there are men like these in charge of powerfull guns :laugh:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

More bolter's..

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

This dog is worth more than any money could ever buy..... :yes:

Posted Image

The amount and variation of flowers at this little place was stunning.


Posted Image

Type of Mimulus??

Posted Image

Carpets of violas, of many different colours

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

And the variations in landscapes we worked in. Just stunning.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Snooping around old buildings. I love to imagine what it must have been like, and how hard it must have been in a one up one down in the middle of no-where.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Dry stone walling..

Posted Image

Posted Image

When both terriers marked under a bleedin huge quarry stone, Woodga just could not help himself.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Other pics...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Then at the end of the day we all met up again and i got to play with new toys, blasting rocks of fences :boogy:

Posted Image

Just LOVED this gun

Posted Image

13 rabbits, not a big bag but that was not the object of the day... each and every one of them were worked for and appreciated.

Posted Image

Been up since 4.30am, driven for a couple hundred miles and out for nearly 13hrs, very tired but very happy, thank you very much gents for a SUPERB day out :notworthy:
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#4176548 An Enjoyable Walk Out,... With Some Goodfellas....

Posted by Phil Lloyd on 14 March 2016 - 05:20 pm

I had travelled North last weekend, with my pal Paul...



We have been ferreting together for the last two seasons and to be honest, he has been a good friend to me. So,...I thought it might be nice to repay his friendship, with a walk out amidst some high country, with two genuine Goodfellas, Tomo and Vin...

Paul brought along Swifty, one of my home bred cur crosses, which I had gifted to him, a couple of seasons ago. Locally,..we have to hunt over scores of long hedgerows that divide the commercial pheasant and partridge shoots ,...sometimes we get to work up on the Southern Downland chalk warrens,..but it is mostly hedges and stop nets....no complaints, it is, what it is.. :yes:  

That being said,..our dogs rarely get a decent run at their rabbits,...the prey, choosing instead, to hug the bramble and blackthorn, before making a sudden break for freedom,...hopefully a stop net is waiting patiently to ensnare them,...My own wee bitch, Angel, has been specially bred, to get down and dirty and to lie quietly waiting deep within the darkness of the brash,..it is here that she does her best work.. :thumbs:  


Just after ten o'clock on a bright, sunny Saturday morning, we were picked up outside our B&B by Vin..

The big man, Tomo, turned up a few minutes later and transferred his rabbiting equipment into Vin's 4x4 and off we all headed, towards the rabbiting ground at Hawes....



What a fabulous place it was... :yes: 



We climbed ever higher in the trucks,..often slipping and sliding down the grassy banks that were becoming increasingly greasy, as the morning sun burnt off the overnight frost. At times it was quite hairy and we were relieved to finaly reach the summit.. The lads have been doing sterling work on this ground and have taken a fair amount of rabbits off the place. It is always great fun having a wander and treating an area as though it is your own personal playground,.but the facts are, most large tracts of land have conscientious estate managers, who will soon be on your case if you are not doing the job properly. Rabbits need to be controlled and sooner or later, with the cream having been done, and all the easy places having been hammered, you then have to fall in and start ferreting ground that you have avoided all season. It is just the way of things with good permission,..obviously, a lifetime ago, I simply went where I liked and kept well away from awkward or unproductive places,...I just wanted a quick in and out,..feck you, kinda thing :laugh: 


The new Keeper was waiting for us on the Tops,...he was the new boy on the Estate and obviously still feeling his way around,...After a quick chat (and a wee disagreement with myself regarding the legalities of certain vermin killing traps,..oops.. :whistling: ) we all boxed up a ferret each , shouldered a spade, clicked in a lurcher and went off in different directions...


There was one ruling from my hosts,..and it was strictly adheared to,....No Nets..... :icon_eek:


Vin headed upwards into the clouds,...Paul also headed upwards,..and Tomo took the keeper under his wing and gave him a lesson in efficient rabbit catching, one that I doubt he will ever forget....and me,..well,..I just had a gentle mouch, as befits an old semi-retired rabbiter.

I simply ambled along...following my cur's lead,.. waited for a 100% mark from her, popped in the ferret,..and then,...hoped against hope, that none of the others could see her, getting straight lined by every decent rabbit... :laugh:  

Facts are,..she was bred to do a specific job in my capacity as a Rural Pester and I have always been well aware, of her physical limitations,.... She is not slow, no way,..but only has the one chance of a successful strike,.and if she misses, it is game over,...whereas , her litter sister Swifty,.is bigger built, more like their mother and can definitely have a bit of a run...That is why I felt it only proper that for once,.Paul should see her being given a fair go,.without the dangers of woodland brash,.fallen trees and everything else that makes our job so very difficult and frustrating. :censored: 


It was an exciting few hours,..spent with some right good lads,....

Paul saw what he wanted to see and now knows that his time was not wasted, in rearing and schooling the youngster and if only we had the land to develop her natural skills, he would definitely have a reasonable ferreting lurcher in his kennels...

Both Vin's and Tomo's dogs showed their class and I just stood back,.happy to watch men and dogs in perfect harmony....It gave me great pleasure..

All in all, a superb trip,...I thank both you guys for allowing me and my mate to share a memorable Day in the Dales with you,....I shall not forget your kindness...



All the best, Phil. :thumbs: 
































We ended the session on 96 rabbits.... :thumbs: 






We stayed in the Pub,...having the craic,.watching the Rugby and downing a few pints...


Then,.as night fell and the darkness drew in,...Vin, could not let it lie at 96 rabbits....and in some ways he was right,...All of us felt that we really should have made the effort,....so,..out came the Dazzler and armed with Doris,.his fabulous hunting dog,...he quickly scanned a nearbye paddock and spun over, another four conies...Back at the Pub,.we ordered a Steak and Kidney pud,..a bit more grog and sat down to relax by a roaring log fire,..a fitting end to our Day in the Dales,.with a respectable tally, of 100 rabbits .... :victory:






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#3025604 Responsibilities Of Owning A Working Terrier

Posted by wirral countryman on 28 January 2013 - 08:04 pm

There have been a few threads about big digs and lost terriers lately that have been a little far fetched or inprobable,owning a working terrier comes with certain unsaid responsibilities,if you either enter your dog or lose it to ground then you should be there for the duration untill you either have a live terrier or a dead one,I've been party to both outcomes unfortunately in the past.Knowledge comes with age and we can all be clever after the event but local knowledge of earths or drains that are death traps used to be passed on from terrierman to terrierman and avoided like the plague,but every now and then a terrier will find itself in trouble below ground either with or without a collar in need of help,you cannot shirk your responsibilities even if it was under the police station itself,you must take it on the chin and help your terrier "END OF" there's no use making excuses about where it is you must get on with it,now before you all go off on one I've been in those situations many times and made the national press because of it,I hunted fox on railways,parks,peoples gardens,under motorway bridges,house foundations,scout huts,youth centres,bowling clubs,barns,pigeon sheds in fact anywhere a fox could live and have had many situations that most would wonder about the outcome but have just got on with it,most lads started out that way round here in the north west so its nothing unusual for many my age,if you feel you cannot give your dog this kind of committment then terrierwork is not for you,sell your dogs or keep them in as pets,when that dog needs help you better be there to help or just keep lurchers,rant over,WM
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#3181887 R.i.p Attack Fell Terrier !

Posted by BOLSTER on 12 May 2013 - 02:38 pm

Just thought i'd inform you all that my brother was shot & killed in his local pub by some f***ing peace of shite friday afternoon, my brother was mistaken for some plastic gob shite gangster and shot 5 times close range, my head is in fukcing bits at the moment & me and the family are just trying to keep things together for our selves, i don't know what to think at the moment im still in shock and im so sad for my brother his boys/partner my mother and my elder brother, it shouldn't of happened & my brother didn't deserve this at all he was a ''True Gentleman'' and loved by the whole area everybody loved him to bits, he was well respected by all types he was a top man, its just so f***ing sad he had to go like this a day before his 34th Birthday, im not looking for anything on here but my brother loved the banter on here as well as me and he'd be in bits laughing his head off at some of the stuff on here lol everything is been well taken care of, im just fuking gutted about it poeple just make sure you love your family and friens as much as you can because all of a sudden it can be turned upside down, i wish you all the luck in the world lads/ladies be good and make sure you all take care


Rest in peace brother i  miss & love you to bits love your brother Ty  x x x x x 




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#4391967 A Present From The Wife

Posted by trenchfoot on 19 January 2017 - 08:14 pm

How come she can paint this, but refuses to even lift a roller in the spare bedroom



#4227320 My Lad Proud Or What

Posted by leethedog on 24 May 2016 - 08:12 pm

Just as the title says our lad 21 worked his nuts off to fulfill a boy hood dream he makes me so proud of the young man the little shit grew into

Attached Files

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#3124817 Indoor Digging Dog

Posted by socks on 01 April 2013 - 12:09 pm

why would anyone keep working dogs in the house they are not pets and should not be around kids 

What an utter load of bullshit ... Working dogs should not be around kids ... You clearly are either a stupid anti or haven't got a clue Bout dogs .......
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#4417453 Cheers Folks..

Posted by FUJI on 03 March 2017 - 07:45 pm

I know I've not seen eye to eye with everyone on here over the years but still I have respect for every man & woman who gets out & walks the walk in this game whether that be a friend or foe.I also just wanted to thank the people who have "liked" my posts over the years,I think I'm over 12k at my last look so cheers peeps.I've decided to hang up my slip leads for good now the season has concluded as these past years have became harder & harder each year for me to get through,my health just won't allow me to soldier on as I always have & I'm not one for half measures unfortunately,I'm an all or nothing person & as much as I have enjoyed my years running the dogs everything does come to an end & this is where I get off the ride folks 😉 ..Regrets? None at all for what I've done with the dogs I done because I thought it right & proper at the time,I've lost things in my life due directly or heavily influenced by my hunting that would cause many a person to reach for a rope but still I battled on with my canine's at heel & without them I'm not sure where I'd currently be? I've been fortunate enough to hunt all matter of critters throughout the land & across the seas with the dogs over many years both on my own & with friends.As for the dogs well I owe them everything,the ones that were poor I learned plenty from,the ones that were good I was honoured to have owned them & I've had several,my Bulpa dog was & always will be top dog,his son Patch was a machine & another son my big dog Jack was sheer class,Jack sired Swift,Don & our Ginny,she was making a superstar before I had her confiscated for breaking the law,gutted is an understatement regarding her but from that setback I ended up with my desert dawg Boots,talk about slow coming to hand,jesus he was further back than fullback but with patience the dog started to show me what he was capable of.He's a dog with a temperament to die for but out hunting he's the devil reincarnated,the dog has achieved things that I've not witnessed in decades of hunting & with no back up well apart from the Pom! He opened my eyes as to what the desert dawgs were capable of that's for sure,he's ran from the top of Scotland to the South Coast & everywhere in between plus been to far off shores doing what he does best.Like I said without them I wouldn't be who I am today (a knackered old has been) but my hat's tipped firmly in the direction of my four legged friends both past & present.Anyhow folks,thankyou for having me as part of the Hunting Life family all these years,best of luck to you all,let's hope the future is bright for all you fellow lurcher enthusiasts & you get as much enjoyment as I have had from running my mutts over the years 🐾 Cheers folks ✌ ..We walked the line for the final time 🐇 ..Ciao

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#4369762 Another Rescue For The Fell And Moorland Wtc

Posted by Rat face on 19 December 2016 - 12:11 am

Just  as i sat down to have my Sunday dinner the phone rang it was another distressed pet owner asking if the club could help them with there missing terrier that was last seen running to ground yesterday morning, so i went through the usual questions, permission to be on the land and all the other bits of red tape that we need to go through before we can start to sort a rescue .


with all the info together  i rang one of my members that has been on plenty of rescue for the club lets call him ziggy with out a second thought he agreed to come help try and get this little dog out, i arranged to meet him and  the dog owners son somewhere near to the earth, so Sunday dinner in the microwave and off down the motorway i went, when i got there ziggy and his dad was already on the earth weighing the situation up , At this point the dog was not making a sound so it was almost impossible to get a mark on the him all we had to go on was the word of the young lad where he last herd his dog, 


only thing that could be done was sink a hole and try find a tube and follow it on after going down about 4 foot the digging was very easy but this was not a good thing for the missing terrier it was very soft running sand, we came across a tube and all we could do was follow it and see what happens, i must admit at this point with no noise out of the dog and the very soft ground it was not looking the best for the missing terrier  but all we could do was keep tunneling on then ziggy found fresh pad marks and signs of digging on but still no dog and no noise at all so we kept on digging on we must of tunneled on around 10/15 feet into the banking one tunneling  in and one clearing out, and just as we was getting to the point where it was getting too dangerous with one last spade full before we packed it in for the night and came back with heavy machinery  the dog dog could be seen he had wedged him self in so tight he was struggling to breath i don't think he would have made it till the morning so with a few tugs out popped the little dog into the cold nights air to be reunited to his owners the woman and her son was over the moon and will be giving a donation to the club.


oh and guess what the owners rung the RSPCA before they rang us and guess what they didn't want to know  and said there is nothing they could do and didn't  give them any advice or anything,sound familiar ?


a big thanks to ziggy and his dad for giving up their Sunday evening to come help with out them that dog would have been stuck there forever 


always remember your terriers lads



#4301949 It Was A Pleasure.

Posted by johnny boy68 on 08 September 2016 - 07:08 am

15 years of memories, sleep tight old girl.
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#4177159 Old Traveller Picture First Saluki Type

Posted by marshman on 15 March 2016 - 03:05 pm

I'll give it another try

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#4159699 Fav Pic..

Posted by MIK on 21 February 2016 - 10:40 am

Mik the pic is all over the internet ( don't know how ) but that's the net for you.... It's also in Darcy's deer book if you have a copy stick it up my pc is down and can't seem to post pics direct from my phone....

Genuinely taken before the ban ....great set of pics
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#3540396 Long Before The Ban, Mobile Phones, Internet, Saluki Crosses, Matches, And Co...

Posted by cocker on 09 February 2014 - 05:54 pm

these hare dogs were running the lincolnshire fens, some old pics from around 1977 1978, that i just dug out, seems a long time ago now, but i hadn't heard of matches, competitions, or £££££££money££££££ coming into it,  no mobiles phones or internet, never seen a saluki cross, didn't know what the word "crabber" meant  a lurcher was just a lurcher, the average price of them was £50 or so,  all four of these dogs were good single handed hare killers, and would run anywhere, from killing foxes down the south gare, at redcar to the hares down the cambridge fens, good hare killers and good fox killers, the little red dog was whippet greyhound, exceptional fox killer that was, and a good hare dog, the red rough one was deerhound greyhound, the white rough one was his son, 3/4 greyhound 1/4 deerhound, and they were both good big land hare dogs, that ran on most of the fens for most of there lives, the brindle and white one was a collie greyhound cross, and on its best day killed 5 out of 5 single handed near tydd gote, down the a17 towards kings lynne, everyone i knew kept lurchers, the only place you looked to buy them was in the exchange and mart, and then you had to go to a public phone box to communicate with them, we never had mobile phones, internet, computers, or nothing like that, my favourite books were lurchers and longdogs by walsh, and of pedigree unknown by phil drabble, both of these books inspired me, they great great days, that will never come back, ime glad i have been part of them. 

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#2797661 update about craigyboy

Posted by raymond1 on 10 September 2012 - 10:51 am

saturday night/sunday morning craigyboy undergone brain surgery and he has been resting in a medicaly induced coma
his wife says that today monday he is having another opperation using keyhole surgery and the doctors are making an entry through his grion to repair a cerebal anurysim ,............

there is every chance the guy will pull through and be back giving his own brand of abuse to everyone , lets hope and pray
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#4320187 Nip Drowned

Posted by MIK on 05 October 2016 - 08:39 am

Headed out with a mate to the geese this morning with Nip and my mates lab Rowen ....we could hear plenty of ducks and geese in the darkness ....got the duck deeks set out in the water and got ourselves hidden in the reed beds ....the geese started moving and a skein came over me and dropped one that hit the water about 80 yards out ...the wee dog headed out but it was just winged and was headed further out to sea ...he kept at it and eventually got it and turned to retrieve it but the tide was going out and the south easterly wind was against him ...I knew he was struggling so started shouting words of encouragement ...he dropped the goose so knew all was not well ...my mate came running over and we both ran down stream and he was going under and re appearing ....I stripped off my jacket and waders and dived in I was about 10 yards from him and just his nose was above water then he went under ..I got to where I last saw him and dived under but could see nothing and when I came up I was treading water and felt him hit my knee so dived under and managed to grab him ...and got him back to the surface ...I was really struggling to swim back to shore but got back to dry land and he was dead ..I held him upside down like you would with a new born lamb and loads of water came out his nose and mouth we started giving him cpr ....we kept at it for what seemed like and eternity ...there was no response his mouth and tongue were blue and there was no life in his eyes ..I remember saying to my mate that my son was going to be fukin devastated ...then he gave a gasp and a blink and there was a spark of life came to him which gave us a second wind and our efforts became more frantic ....eventually he was breathing on his own ..my mates dad is my vet so he phoned him he said get heat into him asap ...we wrapped him in my jacket and it was a long sodden walk back to the truck ....I had videod the retrieve and my phone was still on in my jacket with out me knowing ...I have just listened to it and the whole thing took 29 minutes from the time he entered the water until I put my jacket back on and he was dead for over 6 minutes ...its very harrowing listening to it back but shear joy when we realise he is alive again .
The wee dog is now lying at the fire and seems ok ....but that's his wildfowling career over I'm not putting him through that again it's time for the pointer to step up
I will keep yous posted on how he gets on ...one thing I will say is if something similar happens to yous do not give up ...I will admit I was seconds away from saying that's him gone
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#2838041 craigyboy

Posted by craigyboy on 05 October 2012 - 06:40 pm

Hello its craigs wife, I'm guessing that as craigy was on here everynight, you should know what his likes and dislikes are. I welcome any suggestions that you throw in. Just the fact he's thought of so much is amazing.
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#3217109 New Season In France

Posted by Blaise on 05 June 2013 - 06:43 am

What way do the Russell's work. Are they sounders or do they mix it

I don't know exactly what do you mean by "mix", it means to bite ?
If it means to bite, they are more barkers than mixers. Betty, the left one on the pic, is my best jack (10 badgers in 5 hunts this season without any serious injury). Her weight 4,5 kg, so she can't be fighting directly with the badger for a long time. She hunts the badger very close, few centimetres and she barks.
Sometimes, some jack try to struggle with the badger. I don't like it because generally badger is the first winner and the vet the second winner.

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